Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Ready Ahead Of Time.

Good day my dear blog.  Today has actually been a pretty trying day.  I mean it's nothing my husband or my kids have done but it's just been one of those days but I'm not going to let that get me down.  Thankfully we're heading to church tonight so we can all get our praise on so THANK YOU LORD for that. 

So what in the world is the picture above this post all about?  WELL since I hate trying to decide what to wear as I'm getting ready to go I couldn't decide what to wear so I wanted to take pictures of both outfits to try to figure it out...I regret not taking pictures of the shoes though but oh well life goes on.  I'm  Leaning more for outfit #2 for tonight so at least I now know what I'm going to wear right?

Well I just wanted to share a quick random post on what's going on with my for today.  I'm still doin a lot of knitting and crocheting but I had to put those on hold for today since I have too much house work to get done today before I leave for church tonight. 

What needs to go down this weekend? 
*Time with my babies
*Casual date night in with my husband
*Grocery shopping
*Doing my HAIR!
I can do this!  Be Blessed everyone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm so tired of my braids.

So after looking at all these fabulous women on youtube share their natural hair journey I decided to start one of my own.  I plan on taking out my interlocks and I'm going to wash my hair and twist it up tonight.  I'm excited to share more with you later.  Here's to a new beginning.

Nail Review Part Two.

I absolutely love how fun and easy applying this L'OREAL Nail Lingerie is.  I originally thought that i was going to have to stick the sticker on my nail then peel it back but as it turns out, all you have to do is carefully apply the sticker on and file the remaining piece off.  The downfall to this product is that you don't have too many to play around with and it's a little on the pricy side but it's well worth the money.  I plan on using this again.  This gets Five Stars.  Try this out!!  Be Blessed everyone.

UPDATE: After reviewing my receipt from my target I found out that I payed a little over $5.60.  I've had this application on my fingers for a little over 24 hours and they are still on and looking very pretty.  

What I Found Today.

Hey my lovely readers how are you doing today?  Well while shopping for some things that the family needed at Target I came across to pretty awesome things that I really wanted to get and so I did.  The first item that I found is the L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie and the L'Oreal Colour Riche neon lip stick.
L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick - Pink Vinyl
he first thing I'm going to talk about is the lip stitck.  So the story of this purchase starts back to when I was at the mall on Saturday and I wanted to buy a really cute neon lip color because I have plenty of lovely colors already but I wanted a color, besides red, that was going to make my lips really pop so when I came across a pretty neon pink color at the M.A.C store I really wanted to buy it.  But I also didn't want to pay too much for a lip stick that I may or may not like so left the color there and opted to shop elsewhere for my lip color.

I found this product at Target and the first thing that I thought was "Wow that pink is really pretty so I gotta try it" and I did.  The color is very pretty on my skin and I like it even more when I add a small touch of gloss.

So what's the downfall to this color?  Well while watching a youtube video, a channel that I will not name, I came across a cute girl who did indeed get the M.A.C neon lip colors and they looked AMAZING on her BUT being that her teeth were not as white as they could be the color made her teeth look EXTRA yellow which, of course, isn't attractive AT ALL.  So after seeing the video I wasn't sure if it was just her really yellow teeth, the quality of the video or if it was the color of the lipstick that made her teeth look worse than what they truely were.

Well I'm not one that has crazy fake looking white teeth but I do whiten my teeth on the regular but being that I missed one or two whitening rituals that I do myself the pink made my teeth look worse than what they were as well.  So when using a color like this on your lips be sure that your teeth are clean and white or the color of the lip stick my bring out the stains, plac color, ect on your teeth as well.

Other than that the lip stick feels great on my skin and I plan on using this color later on this week.

Will I recommend this?  Yes.

 Now I haven't tried this yet because I haven't done my nails yet but this looks really fun.  I didn't check the price when I got this but from what I checked online it runs to close to 8 dollars but it comes with 18 stickers so this will last me a long time.  I'll give you my thoughts on this once I'm done doing my nails.  Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

My First Clothing Review Of The Year

So my husband blessed us all with a lot of cute stuff so I won't be able to write a review on EVERYTHING but I will be able to write about some stuff.  The first thing that I'm going to talk to you about is the Boxy Dolman Sweater that I purchased at Forever21 for $17.80.

Well let me tell you on how I became a fan of dolman sweaters in the very first place.  There isn't much to say except that one day while looking for clothing on the forever21 website I came across a cute sweater that seemed to have extra fabric underneath the armpit and I just couldn't get over how pretty the extra fabric settled over the model so that's how I became a fan.  So after a good hour or so of looking for stuff to order I came across this sweater online and had to have it, I then realized that I was going over budget so I sadly had to ax it from my list.  BUT my husband went ahead and bought for me at our local mall which made me feel super special.

So what do I think of this sweater?  I think that this item of clothing is just as pretty in person, which is a great big plus because I know that I can't say that about everything that I see on the internet and then come across it in person.  I believe it to be something that could be worn all throughout the year here in sunny Cali and i would defiantly refer this to a friend.  The one thing that  I would say is that if you're one to wear rings be careful to now snag the sweater as you're putting the sweater on or off, and if you're not one that likes to show your tummy a cute cami underneath is all you need to finish this cute top off.  I will most likely pair this will cute holey shorts or leggings with some wedges.

Shopping Maddness!

So this weekend has been a crazy and busy weekend for my family because we've been going all over the place to buy clothes and shoes for this upcoming year.  I'm SO happy to almost be done because it's been a long process but it's also been a fun one, and not to mention that it's pretty cool to see our kids so excited:-) 

So what did I end up getting for myself this year?  Well last year I mainly stuck to t shirts and jeans, a couple of high heels and dresses for church but this year I decided to step it up in my wardrobe and purchased less t shirts and more blouses, leggings and dresses instead.  I did that for the main fact that I feel that I'm heading in a different direction this year and what better way to start that awesome feeling of moving forward with changing up my wardrobe a little bit.

Where did I go for the kids this year?  Well we mainly did all of the kids church clothing at Sears but finished EVERYTHING off at Target which was a real change for us because we usually did all of their regular stuff at Sears and their dressy stuff at Sears but it worked out differently this year and I'm not upset about it one bit.

Where did I go for myself?  I did A LOT of my shopping on for my more formal stuff but I mainly did my shopping at The Closet (for my shoes) and Forever21.  Of course I went to several other places as well but the big bulk of my things came from those two places.  I don't have any pictures at the moment but I do plan on posting some here for fun.  I know that this has nothing to do with knitting or crocheting but I thought that this would be a fun twist to what I usually write about.

I do want to write a review on a particular store I went to in the mall and what I thought about the products there but I won't be able to get that done till later on today, so till then be blessed everyone and I hope you all have an amazing day.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something A Child Or Infant Will Enjoy.

This will surely grab the attention of a little one:-)  I can't wait to make more in different colors!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Don't Like Cramming.

One of my current projects I found on  If you're new to a spiral afghan then this project is for you.  Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu

Today Is A Good Day.

Well good morning to all who will read this blog.  How are you doing today?  Well I'm doing pretty good with the cold so today is good.  I'm taking so long with my cousins order that I've decided to add a few goodies to her package.  The "goodies" will include an chevron afghan of the colors that remind me of her the most, and another hat and head band to match them.  I'm thinking of other stuff to add to it but I'm trying to figure out what all I want to make.  This blog isn't going to be long because it's super cold and my fingers need to warm up so I'll be back later to write more.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bodycology IS My new Favortie Thing Of This Week!

 Okay so while sholpping at Target earlier today to get some tissue paper and and other random things for the house and kids I ran across this lotion brand called Bodycology and it totally tripped me out because the fragrances that I found were the exact fragrances that I had fallen in love with at Bath and Body Works a while back before they were discontinued.  *SAD FACE*.  So when I came across the lotions I just about did a complete back flip within the isle because I was just so freaking excited about my new find.  Now forgive me if there are others of you out that that have found this brand before myself but this is completely new to me so please just bare with me.

I haven't had the chance to rub my whole body down with this lotion yet but I have used it on my hands and let me tell you that it feels absolutely amazingly soft and the oily residue that  I usually get with other lotions aren't present with this brand.  Some of my favorite frangrances that were discontinued in B&BW have been revived with this brand so CELEBRATE!  The fragrances that I came across today include, Enchanted Forest, Cherry Blossom, Toasted Vanilla Surgar, Blackberry Vanilla,  Cloud Nine, and another favorite of mine called White Gardenia.  And along with the lotions there are frangrances and body scrubs available as well in the same section.  Now I found this all at target so I can't promise that this brand will be at other stores so go ahead and try your local target, or go onto the company's website and order from there.  I know that I will be ordering a lot from here now that I know about them. 

Don't get me wrong because I love me some B&BW BUT I don't have that kind of money to spend on lotions all throughout the year so bodycology is a Godsend to me.

Well I just wanted to sahre the GREAT find of the day with you so I will post more pictures later.  Be Blessed!  Try this out!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yes Happy Valentines Day to you all and happy Anniversary to my husband and myself:-)  Today is a great day to show others that you care for how much you appreciate and love them and I couldn't be happier about it.  It feels like the whole world is in on celebrating our 4 years of marriage bliss yay!! 

I really don't have to much to write to you about because I'm still working on a sweater and blanket that have to be finished pretty soon but I just wanted to touch base with you to say hi and to write a random post because it just feels like a good time to.

So remember when I tried that CRAZY fast to lose weight.  Well turns out that that idea wasn't too crazy it was just the length of time I was trying to do that was crazy.  I lasted with that fast for two days and after the two days I spiritually and physically felt so much better so I know that I will be doing this again but as for me I have decided to go ahead and go on a much more strict diet for the next week or so.  I WANT to mainly eat plenty of fruits and veggies with lean meats.  I also plan on putting on the yummy fried foods on hold because I'm trying to get bikini ready for our family vaca coming up within the next couple of months so crunch time starts NOW. 

when it comes to what I'm doing physically to get my body in a better place I'm doing 50 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 30 leg lifts from side to side, holding a plank position for 30 seconds and ten pairs of lunges and squats a day.  I do all of these with little time to spare in between each exercise because I WANT my heart rate to stay up so I can burn everything I need to burn more effectively.  I'm going to do a before picture later on today and I'll take another picture within the next two weeks to see how my progress is going.  I'm not promising to post them on here lol but I do promise to take them so I can see my progress.

Well that's all that's new my way so I gotta get ready to pick my baby girl up from school.  I love taking pictures these days of random things that inspire me so I will be posting some of my photography on here for you to see.  I'm not going to claim I'm a professional because I'm not but my pictures aren't coming out all that bad:-D

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!  Spread Some Love!  Bless Others!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pictures On The Go!

While going to go pick mom up from work I took some pretty cool pictures and thought I'd share one with you.  Today was a beautiful day.

My First Baby Boy Sweater.

My Little Man Baby Sweater by Mandy Nihiser

So here is a picture of my first sweater for a boy:-)  I still have to finish the lining, button holes, picket and bow tie but it's pretty much ready to go!!  I found this pattern on as well and it(the pattern)is super easy to follow.

Well Be Blessed!  I'll write more to you when I have more time to spare.  I hope your day has been going awesome for you!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy For Crocheting This Week!

Here's an updated picture of all of my creations that I crocheted this week.  I'm far from done because I still have a lot of left over yarn to get through but I'm glad that these came out as well as they did.  God is good.  All of these patterns were found on and were free.  Now I got to try to find some cute diaper covers or pants to go with these.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!

Pinafore Dress Remix

Well this morning started out a little off because I woke up from a dream that wasn't too good of a dream only to find out not too long later that the dream that I had just had really did happen.  I wish it was a happy dream but it wasn't so I'm just a little wierded out for the moment.  And it's not like this is anything new because I've had dreams that had come true before but it was the content of my dream that's leaving me feeling really off for the day.  Lord please be with us and keep all our law reinforcement safe.

On a much lighter note I just finished the 3rd angel pinafore yesterday but instead of making it a dress I went ahead and turned it into a infant cardigan instead:-)  I used my left over yarn and extra buttons that we have and I'm so happy that it turned out the way that it did.  OH!  AND I crocheted my first button whole onto the cardigan yesterday as well.  I'm most likely goin to have to change the placement of the button but I'm happy with it as it right now.

So yeah the only changes I made was I left out one row of shells and I added a single crochet within the color so I could have an extra row of brown before I started the sleeves.  Oh yes and I added the button hole.  I know that I posted the link to this pattern on my previous post but just in case there are some who haven't gone to previous post of mine here's the place where I found this pattern. 
Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser.
Be Blessed!! Be Inspired!!  Stay Safe!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Sweater Is Done!!

Aunt Jen's Sweater by Sandi's Angels

I'm happy to say that my first attempt at crocheting an infant sweater turned out well.  I'm kinda bummed that it came out a little small but at least I was able to finish the project.  I will be doing this quite often.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!!

Infant Pinafore Is Done.

Good Morning to you!  I just recently finshed a pinafore and wanted to share it with you.  The pattern isn't my own  and I'm super glad that I found it because I just LOVE how it came out.  I worked with this pattern a year or so ago and came by it yesterday and felt like crocheting another dress up.  I followed the directions up until the skirt and started working in the round instead of working back and forth, although I think I'm going to try the back and forth technique for my next pinafore.  I also added white ribbon around the neckline so it can tie in the back and i crocheted up a cute flower and sewed it on.  I got this done in roughly 12 hours in between taking care of the kids and doing my daily runs so this pattern works up rather quickly.  The flower pattern is super simple too so I'll make sure to post a link to both the dress and flower for you. Now to finish this sweater I'm making to go with it!!

Oh!  I used a g hook so this will fit a new born but the larger hook and yarn you use the bigger your work will turn out.

Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser 
Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Head Band Of The Year!!

Happy February folks!  I hope that you all had a eventful Superbowl Sunday:-)  Well I just wanted to share a quick post to share a project that I just finished up for my cousin.  I found this cute pattern on and I'm totally head over heels in love with it because it's super cute and super easy to knit up.  Now the pattern calls for you to work this head band in the round but since I don't have circular knitting needles yet and I don't  have double pointed knitting needles I had to work on my knitting needles back and forth and sew in a seam in the back.  It isn't very noticeable so that's relieving.  For those of you that want to try this here's the link:)  Oh!  Two things that I learned from this project is that I had to add on 11 more stitches to the project because the given number of stitches just wasn't enough to fit my head, I thought it was just me but it turns out that a lot of people had to do the same thing, and I learned not to cast off too tightly because that could effect that flexibility of my head band.  I all around love my finished product and the pattern and I'm making another one for myself right now. This is a super cute must try for all knitters.  
The Twisty Rolly Headband by Sara Dudek 
Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!!