Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket I just can't get enough!

I seriously love this pattern so much!  When my mind is on overload and I'm pretty overwhelmed crocheting is something that always calms me down.  Not to mention that it's a fun activity to do on a chilly rainy day.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yay for washday!!!

Hey ya'll how are you doing?  I'm getting this picture to you a little late but I'm just thankful that it's made it to my blog at all.  I was particularly loving my hair before and after my wash session so decided to take and share a few pictures.  I've had red in my hair for two years and have decided that now is the time to change that so I'm going to enjoy this color for now because it's going to change soon!!  I'm excited!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another baby blanket for my lil guy. Elaine.

As a knitter or crocheter, have you ever come across a pattern that you love so much that you just have to use the pattern over and over again?  Well I've found several patterns that I enjoy that much and this pattern called Elaine from the Our Best Knit Baby Afghans Book 2 by Leisure arts is one of them.  I completed my first Elaine project about a year ago for a dear friend that was expecting her baby and I decided to knit up another one for my little guy.  

What's your favorite pattern to use?

Monday, January 19, 2015

My thoughts about the Shea Moisture Taitian Noni & Monoi Trio. Is it really worth it??

My hair after using these three products for the first time.

Well good evening to you readers!  I feel so happy and blessed to be back with ya'll to share my first review since my lil guy was born.  I'm going to try to keep this review short and sweet but I can get long winded at times, so if I do please forgive me ahead of time.

Why did I try these three products in the first place??  Not long ago I decided that I was NOT going to continue to be a product junkie so I stopped buying products until I felt that I had gone through enough of my stash to do so.  A couple of weeks ago while shopping at Sally's I came across the Shea Moisture line and was hooked to the Noni & Monoi series because I had never tried it and it's safe for color treated hair.  And lets not forget that there was a sale of buy two and get the third free so you know that I couldn't pass that up one bit.  Due to that sale I came home with the Smooth & repair low lathering and conditioning shampoo, the smooth and repair rinse out conditioner and the smooth & repair nourishing hair masque.

What did I do to get started? Some people refer to this part of my regimen as pre-pooing but I simply calling it my deep conditioning time.  I started out my light misting my hair with water and then I split my hair up into medium sized sections and generously applied the hair masque both to my hair and scalp, placed two plastic bags over my hair and let my hair sit for about thirty minutes.

  Once time was up I hopped in the shower, rinsed the masque, washed and conditioned my hair with the smooth and repair shampoo and conditioner, and then I was done!  A leave in conditioner is something that I always put onto my hair and scalp so I used another leave in conditioner and oil to complete my LOC method.

What do I honestly think of these products?  First and foremost all three products really work quite well so that's something possitive that has to be said right off the bat, but I'm not a big fan of using low lathering shampoos at all.  I know that low lathering shampoos have a great purpose but it's just something that I don't like using at all and the smell of the shampoo didn't help either because it stinks.  The shampoo probably has the worst scent for a hair cleanser that I have ever smelled which is sad because had the scent been better I probably would like it a tad bit more.

The hair masque and conditioner smell just alike and both have a very calming smell that's very similar to the Shea Moisture products with the shea butter.  The masque is nice enough to use on a regular basis because it does make my hair feel stronger, so since my hair has grown quite a bit I'm resorting to deep conditioning my hair with this masque every other week instead of every week to help save my product.  

The conditioner is probably my favorite item from this trio because it makes my hair feel and smell wonderful both while applying it to my hair and scalp and after my hair has dried.  Just like the other Shea Moisture conditioners that I've used it does not have the best slip but that's not something that I worry about all too much since I've resorted to de-tangling my hair out of the shower instead.

Now I cannot tell you for sure just how well it controls frizz since my hair is very very kinky and course on a regular basis and I've resorted to keep my hair in a protective style.  But what I can tell you is that all products work well and if I had to buy any of the products I again I would choose to pick up the conditioner and hair masque.  The shampoo can stay at the store.

Well my youngest is calling so I must go.  I hope that this review helped!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I've got a new name!

Hey readers  and how are you doing??  I'm doing pretty well I guess.  It's been a pretty chilly December and January and I'm trying my best to keep myself busy while baby is sleeping so I can't complain.  Anyways, a couple of years ago I gave myself and my work a name and I later named my ravelry account after that name (myAdore).  But a little while after having the name and small little business, life caught up with me and I had to stop my creations.  Well earlier today while feeding my lil one I was looking through my IG account and I saw another crocheters work and the title to her etsy account and I completely fell in love with her concept.  And then a thought came to me.  Why on earth have I let my vision for my name sit on the back burner for so long when I've had so many different small opportunities to get back to business???

Of course my answer to that was that there was a lot going on at home with being pregnant, saving money, and moving to our home, and then once those answers swirled around in my head for a bit I then said to myself that I would have no more excuses.  The simple fact for my life is that there will almost never be a perfect time to get this vision for myself started so I might as well start now with the little that I have a grow from here.

So once I decided that I was going to continue with my project of growing my business and blog I knew that I would have to start with a new name. Different names and meanings came and went but this name kind of stuck to me and so I chose to keep it.

What's my creations new name?  Peculiar Knits !!  I feel so excited to get started that I can hardly contain myself but there it is!  I have a fresh start for a fresh year!

Motherhood is calling so be blessed and I'll be back to share more!
The pattern that I used for my newborn's Christmas gift is can be found at

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow!  Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  It has surely been a long couple of months since I last wrote on this thing and a lot has changed since I last posted on this blog but before I update you on some things I want to say SORRY for taking so long to get back to you!

Okay so the BIGGEST update that I have for you right now is that my family and I finally welcomed our lil man into the world early last month and we are all doing well.  I thought that it was going to be a BIG adjustment to him being in our lives but the transition honestly went really well with us all.  Thank you Lord!

Now when am I going to review and share more diy projects??  Well I'm currently working on three different projects and once I can find my charger for my computer and notepad I'll make a video for those ASAP, but I'll continue to write my thoughts here just as I have  done in the past.