Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Knitting Project For Our New Baby!!! It's Been Too Long!!!

Well let me just start off by saying that it's been far too long since I've been here to write to you.  Between starting and stopping my Loc Journey that I took time to document on another brief blog, to keeping up with my kids and to growing a brand  new human being, it's been a crazy 11 months!

When I think of where I was with this blog almost a year ago I  guess I can admit that I kind of fell out of love with writing as much as I once used to because I really didn't know where I wanted to continue on with this blog.  I was lost and confused as to what exactly I wanted to continue to write about here.  Then it happened!  Right before I was about to go pick up my kids from school, I accidentally stumbled upon a message on Facebook that I had received almost FOUR YEARS AGO!!  Apparently I have some kind of filter on my messages that I didn't know about which was the cause of me not seeing the plethora of messages that I had waiting for me. Anyways I opened up a letter from a kind woman who had come across one of my many projects on pinterest and wanted to know where I had found the pattern that I had used.

This short sweet note sparked something in me that had been dead for almost a year now and that something that was sparked was the passion to get on here to share my crochet and knitting adventures like I had done so before in the past.  So here I am!  I can't promise to write here very often because life is pretty busy with my four 1/2 kiddos but I do promise to come here  as often as I can to sharer a little bit of myself and a little bit of my projects with you once again!!

So with all of that said here's the latest project that I'm working on now!
The name of the pattern that I'm using for this baby blanket is called Lacy Ripple and the designer of this blanket is Melissa Leapman.  I found this pattern in the Leisure Arts Book called Our Best Knit Baby Afghans Book 2 and I really love how my project is coming out.  This picture is a few days old so I'm a bit further along with this blanket now. 

Well I would love to write more but momma duty calls so be blessed and I will be back to write back soon enough!!!