Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hey readers.  I was really hoping to come back here with some fun and possitive to share with you but I just can't do that at this time because I have a very important topic to share with you and it just cannot wait any longer.  I tried uploading a video on two different devices and both of those are either low on battery or is low on battery and isn't charging the way it should so I have resorted to coming here instead.

It's not that I don't like blogging anymore, but it's just that it's been pretty tricky finding the time to write a decent post while trying to watch my pups and kiddos but I will do my best to come back to this blog a little more often.

Anyways, the reason why I want to come here to rant a little bit is because I have been reading and hearing A LOT of backlash over an incident that happened this past weekend.  And even though I do find a lot of the judgments to be on point there are just some things that are being said that should never leave a person's mouth.  Especially when it comes to someone else child, parent, or friend.  Point blank period.

Sometime over the weekend a small child was with their family on a family visit to the zoo in Cincinnati Ohio.   At some point and time the boy somehow wondered off and found their way in a gorilla exhibit.  It's unclear as to how long the boy had been missing and it's also unclear as to how long the boy had been in there, and sadly the gorilla who was in the exhibit was forced to be put down so that the child could be retrieved from the exhibit safely.

There are just so many different thoughts that continue to run through my mind when I think about this incident that occurred.  An incident that should have NEVER transpired but at the end of the day, it did.  Now there is no doubt in my mind that the mother was negligent in all of this and should somehow be held responsible for the death of the gorilla, BUT it was an ACCIDENT PEOPLE!!!

Seriously as I typed the scenario out on this blog all I wanted to do for a hot second is call this mother all kinds of stupid but what would that prove??  What would that change??  She isn't the world's most perfect mother but what mother is???  And please don't sit up here and say 'Oh I would NEVER let my child do anything like that', because God has a funny way of humbling the folks that just love to say the 'Oh I would NEVER..'  quote.  Trust me on that one.

My heart goes out to the little boy that had to survive through that whole ordeal and my heart goes out to the gorilla that was put down.  My heart also goes out to the mother because I KNOW that the last thing that she would have ever wanted for her son would have to end up in ANY animal exhibit of ANY kind!

NONE of us, whether you're a parent or not, are perfect so stop socially crucifying this woman as if our crap don't stink because it does!   And for all that is good and kind in this world, stop wish death and ill will toward this woman because at the end of the day,she's still someone's mother, daughter, wife/partner and friend.

She's imperfect just like the rest of us.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Introducing our Robin Sparkles!!!

I honestly can't get how tiny she was when we first got her!  This was Saturday morning and Lily was just enthralled in watching her new buddy taking a nap.  I'm so thankful that these two pals get a long as well as they do.

This picture of Lily and Robin was taken a little later on Saturday while Robin was on her potty break outside.  This is a picture of Robin reaching up to give Lil a kiss on her nose.  This moment darn near melted our hearts as we watched this sweet moment.

Well despite me not being able to get her face in this picture, this shot is probably one of my favorite shots that I have of her so far!  This was taken on a very rare moment where she actually sat still for a second or two.  This collar that I got from our local pet store is AMAZING and I'm so happy that I was able to pick it up for her.  I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to if I'll be able to get this exact collar for her once she gets bigger so I'm going to enjoy it on her while I can! 

Well that's the few pictures that I have ready to share with y'all right now but I will be back later to share more.  I'm so happy that Robin is doing better and we all look forward to growing with her and Lily together.

Be blessed and have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Robin Sparkles Is Home!

Not once in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we would ever bring another pup into our lives this soon!  I mean, we just got Lily Sue last year and had to adapt to her, and then we moved and now we're all adapting to that, and after all that we added yet another little pup into our little family.

Please let me continue to entry by saying good evening and welcome to my blog!  Due to life being what it is, I'm not able to get here nearly as often as I used to, or would like, so to be able to sit at my computer desk with Robin is quite a delight to say the least.  But let me go ahead and get to the point of this entry who just so happens to be little Miss Robin.

As a family we already knew that we wanted to add another dog into the mix that way Lily Sue could have someone to play with, but we wanted to wait a while until my youngest was a little bit older and also wanted to wait until we were a little more settled into our home.

So with all that in mind we were pretty content with our family just as it was.  Now I'm not going to lie.  Every now and then I would check our local shelters and would scan craigslist just to see what dogs were out there, but I never looked with the sole intent on finding a dog just as I did with Lil.

With all that in mind I'm going to briefly about the events that happened a few days ago on how we came to know Robin.  It was a regular non eventful Thursday morning I got a message from a friend that there was a pocket pit that needed out of a shelter ASAP, and since she knew how we loved this breed she wanted to share this info with us.  She also knew that we were, one day in the far off future, looking for a dog to add to our family so she thought that it would be a perfect fit. Despite our plans on waiting to add another dog into our life, after looking the beautiful girl's picture and video we fell in love with her and planned on taking her home.

So after speaking with a volunteer I was able to put a tag on the dog next day, which was Friday, and wasted no time getting there since she was running out of time.  Before we left for the shelter the volunteer had let me know that the dog was aggressive towards most females but was pretty much okay with males.  Learning this made me have my heart on guard so I didn't want to completely get my hopes up but I still in fact wanted to have hope for the best, so we loaded our kids and Lily Sue up in the car so we could go meet this potential new family member of ours.

Well the meet and greet with Lil and Carly did not go well at all and we sadly had to say no to taking her home but with the help of another person that works at the shelter we found and adopted Robin!!  I can honestly say that she's the first pup that picked us, as compared to us picking her.  She's this beautiful little ball of delight and I couldn't be any more happier with her, and I'm also happy to say that Lily Sue has made a sweet life long friend.  All she wants to do is play with her!

I can't put pictures of her up now but will do so as soon as I can but yes this is my long entry of how we got our Robin Sparkles!

The name comes from a favorite show of ours by the way.  :-D

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pixel Deadpool Afghan In Progress..Still!!

My project a little over half way done!

Well hello there!  I was really hoping that I would have been done with this monstrosity by now but, as you can obviously see I've yet to see the finish line for this one.  I ran out of black yarn AGAIN so I have to take myself to Walmart so I can pick up a few large skeins and I'm about to rum=n out of the yarn for the background so I'm going to have to pick up a few more skeins for that as well.

On a positive note, I finally reached the eyes so that's cool!  Once I can I'll get a more updated picture of my progress.

Never underestimate the power of a granny square!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Granny Square Is Done!

I honestly cannot tell you how excited I actually am to have finished this in only three days!  Connecting my granny squares together with double crochets was one of the most fun techniques that I've tried with any of my crocheting projects and I look forward to doing a project similar to this again soon.  

Now I just need to get it shipped out before my nephew grows out of this blankie!

What are you crocheting today??

My Second Mini Chop After Color Damage!!!

Here's a before picture of my hair a few weeks before my mini chop.

The top left is a final before picture and the last three pictures are the results of my mini chop!

I wasn't planning on doing a mini chop this soon but, after looking at photos of my hair from some years back, I decided that I had to take some kind of action to get rid of the damaged hair that I was still holding onto.

At the end of it all I'm glad that I went with a mini chop versus a big chop and I look forward to doing another mini chop within the next 3 to four months!

Cheers to healthier hair!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Gift For Lennox : Another Granny Square Dream In The Making!

Hey there!!  Can you tell that I'm not quite tired of granny squares yet??  Let me tell you right now that I haven't loved granny squares anymore than I do now because there's just so much that can be done with them!  Now I didn't get to finish my Deadpool project because I'm once again out of yarn, but I was able to get this lovely project done for our new nephew.  If all is well I can have this in the mail and on its way home within the next week.

The main element that makes me so excited about this project is that I used this gift in the making to teach myself how to double crochet my squares together!  I usually will whip stitch my squares together or I'll single crochet them together, but I opted to change things up to learn something new.

I'm also really excited to be using a larger crochet hook again for this particular project since I've been so used to crocheting with smaller hooks.

Well this is my small project on the side that I HAD to share with you since I'm so excited about it! Check out the link that I'm sharing on this post if you want to learn more how to crochet your granny squares together as well!