Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Crochet Flower Bookmark Pattern!!

What you will need :
-1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  The color(s) can be up to you.
- Size F crochet hook
- Scissors

Let's get started!!

Start off my making a slip knot and placing your crochet hook in the middle of your slip knot.  Now you're ready to crochet!!

Round 1) Ch4, sl st in beginning ch to make a small ring, ch3,  13dc in the center of small ring, sl st in beginning ch.

Round 2) Ch 3, dc same st, 2dc in every stitch all the way around,  sl st in beginning ch.

Round 3) Ch 5, dc in the same st, *ch1, sk one st, dc in next st, ch 2, dc in the same st to create a v-stitch. Repeat from * all the way around until you get to the last 3 stitches, ch 1 sk one st, dc in next st, ch 2, dc in same st, ch 1 and sl st in beginning ch.

Round 4) Ch 3, sl in first ch 2 space (first v stitch from previous round), ch 3,sl st in same ch2 space, *sl st in ch1 space, sl st in next ch 2 space, ch 3, sl st in same ch 2 space, repeat from * to last ch1 space. sl st in ch 1 space, sl st in be first ch 3 space.

Round 5) Ch 28, sl st in third ch from hook to make a  small ring, ch 3 15dc in small ring, sl st in beginning ch. 

Bind off, weave in any extra yarn and you're all done!!

***I'm still working on this pattern and I have made a change.  I'll probably make a few more changes but I'll just start off with this one update.
If you want to make your bookmark longer you can always add more chains after you finish your fourth round and then continue on with the pattern as written.***

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