Friday, May 24, 2013

On The Search For My Next Leave In!

Okay so now that I know that I really don't want to use my leave in conditioner with dimethicone(a type of silicone), I am now on a mission to finding the right leave in conditioner for me until I can get my hands on an actual leave in without the dimethicone.  The first conditioner that I'm going to try to use as my leave in is ether going to be one of my Vo5 conditioners or the garnier conditoner, so wish me luck!!

It's been a good little while but I'm here!!

Hey blog how are you doing?  Oh my goodness between all that's been going on I've been lagging on keeping you updated on what's going on with my hair and crocheting projects so please forgive me!  When it comes to my hair regiment there have been some things that I've change since the last time I talked to you so I'll be sure to update you on that:-)  But for the time being here's a pic of my Thursday night hair! 
All I did was I did larger twist than what I usually do the night before and I let them stay in the next day until about 4:45pm.  I then I did my twist and took about literally three or four twist, picked my roots to help lift them and decided to rock my hair down.  Well I then started playing around with my hair, I've been doing that a lot lately, and started pinning my hair up and this is what I ended up getting!

When I first started taking care of my hair properly the ONLY thing I wanted to do was wear it down because I was so excited to finally see my hair for what it really was, and I really enjoyed my hair down.    But now that it's been several months since I started my journey I have realized that I LOVE doing protective hair styles, and that really surprises me because I thought that I was going to HATE it!   And yes I know that saying HATE is a strong word but I honestly did because I didn't think that I could pull any kind of protective style off but with some time and patience I did it!!

Okay so what's different about my hair regiment?  Well the only difference that I made since writing to you is that I recently added safflower oil to my regiment and I LOVE it because it's a great for hydrating the hair, helps to firm the hair, and it helps to promote growth which is always a plus. So this is the only change that I've made so far but I'm sure that I'm bound to change up something else pretty soon.  I also got a new project that I'm working on but I'll share that in another post but I gotta get going so please be blessed and I will be back later to share more with you!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bubba's Spiderman themed blanket!

Hey there I know that it's been a long time but I'm back!  I know that I've been talking about my hair A LOT but my hair journey is a BIG part of my life and it wouldn't feel natural not sharing that part of my life with you.

Now when it comes to my crocheting I'm working on yet ANOTHER blanket but this one is specifically for my son.  He really isn't into anything quite yet but since he has some spider man items I figured that I should make him a Spiderman themed blanket for him since he doesn't have a "toddler blanket" from me yet. 
When it comes to the materials that I'm using, I am using redheart yarn in red, blue and black.  And the patterns calls for you to use a size H hook but I'm using a size I instead.  Now I'm still working on my other three blankets but I'm waiting to get more yarn so I can finish those projects so I haven't forgotten of given up on those yet!!
 Well life calls so I must sign off here so be blessed and I will talk to you again soon!!

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first video is on youtube!!!


 Well after months of making videos I was finally able to get them on my channel so please go check them out!!!  I'm so excited!!!



My VO5 Haul

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crazy Friday Hair

 My shrinkage..
Makes my life a bit more interesting!

So this was NOT the original hair styling plan I had in mind for yesterday but I think that my hair still came out looking cute non the less.   Being that I take the time to stretch my hair out, a lot of people don't believe me when I say that my hair shrinks up A LOT.   So here's my proof to you all. 
Cheers to shrinkage!

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo Review!

Well good morning:-)  I wanted to make a video review last night after I washed and conditioned my hair but I completed forgot so before I do that this morning I want to go ahead and write my review here.

My personal opinion about this shampoo is pretty awesome.  It has an amazing slip, has a soft and lovely scent, leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized and it doesn't take much of the product at all to clean my hair effectively.  I seriously have a lot of hair and it doesn't take much shampoo at all to get a good lather.  The main facts about this shampoo that gave me the green light to use this shampoo in the first place was that it has no sulfates, no parabens, it's not tested on animals and I enjoyed that fact that there isn't any artificial coloring.    I'll be sure to post a picture of the product later on for sure:-)

So will I suggest this product to friends and family?  Absolutely!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Turmeric And MIlk Mask Trial #1

Here I am waiting patiently to get beautified:-D
Well I would like to start off by saying that I never thought that I would be trying a facial mask on myself but, after my mother-in-law raved to me how great this DIY project was, I finally decided to give it a try.

This turned to be pretty fun actually and made me feel like a pampered princess by leaving my skin super soft while giving me a lovely glow of radiance! Would I recommend for others to try it?  Absolutely!  I already raved about it to several different people and decided to share this with you as well.  If you are will to try this you will need:
A small mixing bowl
Spoon/spatula to mix your creation
Also be sure that you wear something that you do not mind getting dirty or stained because the turmeric WILL STAIN any ITEM OF CLOTHING IT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH.

To start this you will need two t spoon of the turmeric in your bowl and slowly add your milk to the turmeric and mix.  You want your mixture to have a lotion consistency.  Once you have the consistency that you are looking for, pull your hair back, and start to apply mixture with either an applicator or the back of the spoon.  I used the back of the spoon.  Wait for ten minutes or until dry and rinse off.  If you have a yellowish tent left on your face, wash with your facial cleanser and that should take care of the tent.  If it's still there then don't fret, it's normal and will subside after a couple of hours.  Some people opt to do this at night that way by the morning the  yellow will subside.  

Here's the video I used to get this recipe and I hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hey There I Finally Trimmed My Hair!!

Happy Wednesday to those who decided to stop on by:-)  Sorry that I've been absent for the past several days but I promise to try my best to make up for everything.  Well to catch you up a little bit I finally trimmed my hair on Monday, tried a new  shea moisture conditioner, and I'm going to try a turmeric face mask before I head out to church tonight.  I'm also deliberating on whether I should start uploading my videos right onto here since I've been having such a hard time with youtube but I don't know.  We will see!  And I've also missed putting pictures of my hair up on here as well, and my crocheting as well so sorry!! I'm alive and well..just busy:-D  I'll be back soon!!
My freshly trimmed hair:-)