Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday Hair!!

hey lovely blog I just wanted to come on here real quick to show you the two styles I rocked yesterday:-)  I started out with my hair being down but then decided to put it up because it was HOT under all that hair!  I decided not to take a picture of Wednesday because I rocked a complete protective hair style with my scarf and I have already shared pictures of me rocking a scarf with you on this blog:-)  Well I gotta make the baby lunch.  Be blessed!!


Good morning blog and how are you doing?  I just have to tell you that church was just on fire last night!  And I don't mean like literal fire but figuratively speaking of course.  There are things that the Lord has been telling me throughout these past weeks and it was awesome to have those words reconfirmed last night.  I'm also rejoicing because we got some really good news last night and we're believing that God is going to continue to move in our favor.  I just had to come on here and write that.  God is good!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My updated hair styling dream team!

Well hello there!  I just wanted to share an updated picture of all the styling products that I use oh my hair.  The only item that is missing from here that I use on a daily basis is my water bottle.  I still have several more butters and oils to add to my collection but this is pretty much it:-)  The three creams that are pictured here were mixed by myself and I'm super proud to share them with you!!

I didn't include any cleansing products but I'll be sure to take a picture of those later on as well:-)  Well life calls so be blessed!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Hair : Bantu Twistout:-)

Good morning blog!  Here's a picture of my bantu twist out for the day and I must say that I'm VERY happy as to how my hair turned out.  It came out a smidge more "crutchy" than what it usually does but that's because I incorporated gel into my homemade mixture.  The only items that aren't pictured here that I used was the oils that I used for this particular project, and the oils that I used to make what I call my homemade "hair frosting" are olive oil, jamaican caster oil, and a small amount of vitamin e oil.  I didn't really measure anything but added what I wanted until I got a cake frosting like consistency.  Well..if I REALLY think about it I added a somewhere close to a tspoon of 100% shea butter that's scented in 100% mango, and somewhere close to a tspoon of the eco styling gel.  After that I added my oils(did not measure at all)and tried my best to make sure that I didn't make my mixture to be soup like.
No heat was used to make this mixture so I took the time to make sure that my shea butter was at room temp before I began to make this.  Well I just wanted to share one of my projects with you so I hope that this helps and I hope you enjoyed my show and tell.  I made similar mixture to this one yesterday as well and I plan on making more of a butter mixture tonight so I'll make sure to share that with you as well.  Be blessed!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Well after a fun weekend with my husband and kids while enjoying our mini vacation I"m super stoked to be back with you to share what was gifted to me once I got home:-)

So a while back I was wanting to make a mixture that is supposed to be comparable to Miss J's Curl Pudding and the main thing I was missing for that project was eco styling gel.  Well being that my mom is currently transitioning and she's trying different styles and products for herself she picked up a jar of the blue Eco Styling Gel.  After changing her mind about the product she decided to save that jar for me and went back and got the Eco Styling Gel with the olive oil:-) I love my mommy!! So now I pretty much have everything that I need to make my next project work.  I can't get started on it now but I surely will once I get back from church and I will be posting pictures of the products I'm using once I'm back and working on my mixture.  Well that's all the update I have for you now when it comes to us making our own hair products.

When it comes to my crocheting I'm still crocheting our crocodile stitch blanket and I'm waiting for yarn for my two other projects:-)  Well I gotta get going so be blessed everyone!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh no she didn't go there!

Okay people how ya'll doing?  So I was watching my daily dose of and came across an interesting video that was entitled "Realisitic Expectations for 4c(coarse) Hair"  and felt compelled to watch it because I too have that hair type. So once I started looking at it the person who was in the video started making points that I did NOT agree with at all.  I disagreed with her SO MUCH too the point to where it was almost comical for me.

So what are some of the points that had me just saying "WHAT?!" out loud?  Lol  okay the first thing that she pointed out that us 4c women cannot do is rock a wash and go.  SPEAK FOR YOURSELF WOMAN OKAY lol.  Now I'm just here speaking for me so if you don't agree then it's all good but this 4c woman here rocked an awesome fro-tastic wash and go both with and without gel and I rocked it FIERCELY.  Now if I expect my wash and go to come out looking like someone elses wash and go that has  looser curls or waves than my own, then yes that's an expectation that is just unrealistic for myself.  She also pointed out that with the wash and go comes a lot of tangles and although that this fact may be true for  A LOT of other women, it isn't true for myself so there it is.
My wash and go with gel.  Yup I did it:-)  I almost want to kick myself for not taking a picture of my soft wash and go(w&g without gel)

Another point she made that I did NOT agree with was that us 4c gals cannot rock a protective hair style for a week due to moisturizing issues.  Now yes this may not pertain to some but for others who do have issues with keeping your hair moisturized throughout the week while your hair is in it's protective hair style, there are countless moisturizing sprays and creams and what not that can be used on your hair to moisturize your hair while its up in it's protective hair style for the week so there you go!  Before I washed my hair throughout the week and my mom hand my hair in a protective hair style for the week I would use the braid spray to help moisturize the parts of my hair that I couldn't easily get to due to my hair style.  So if you're having an issue with staying moisturized while in your protective hair style there's a possible solution for you.  It worked for me:-)

One final thing that I just did NOT like (lol sorry) was the statement about how blow drying/flat ironing/pressing the hair is a no no for our hair.  Now yes when you OVER USE the heat, have the heat way too hot for your hair, and /or you're not putting anything on your hair to protect itself from the heat then YES my dear you and your hair are going to have a problem. But if you aren't over doing it on the heat for one, and your not putting extreme heat to your hair AND your using a heat protectant to your hair then blow drying your hair or straightening it on occasion is not a bad thing at all.  It kinda boiled my blood a little bit when she even went to say that 4c women should just get over their shrinkage, stop the blow drying and except there hair for what it is.  AND although yes I do agree that EVERYONE should except there hair for what their hair is, including myself, some people just aren't ready to rock their hair without any heat so who are we to say what other people should or should not do with their hair? Now please understand that I know that over using heat can damage the hair but if you're using the COOL air to dry and stretch your hair, then it might take you a little bit longer to get the job done but hey at least you were able to get the job done.


If blow drying their hair a little bit just to get their hair stretched out a smidge is going to make themselves feel confident and amazing then who are we to knock that down?  I'm just trying to bring some sort of balance to what I watched because, yes she had some good points but there just wasn't enough balance to me. 

I'm only saying this because there was once a time to when my shrinkage REALLY bothered me and I'm thankful that I'm finally moving past that but everyone isn't there yet so I think that people need to be more mindful and sensitive to that.  Just because you may be in this awesome confident state in your life doesn't mean that everyone else is going to be there or get there as soon as you as well.  Geesh.
And don't get me started on what she said about hair coloring lol.  Lord help me.

Anywhoo I just wanted to express MY feelings about MY 4c hair and if you happen to disagree with me then that's totally fine. Like I said I just felt like I needed to bring some balance.  Okay that's all I gotta get ready for church so be blessed!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hair of The Day:-)

Hey my dear blog I just wanted to share with you something I tested out last night on our way out to pick up some pizza for the family.  After looking at 10 Ways to Tie A Silk Head Scarf
Naptural85 by Naptural85
I decided to go try one of the scarf styles for myself, and the style I ended up trying was the the bow one.  Now I know that my bow came out a lot bigger but that was only because the scarf I used was big to begin with.
And sorry for looking so YUCKY I was battling a cold or something that my blessed babies gave me so the life in my eyes aren't quite there here lol.  But praise God that I'm feeling much better today!!  Well that's all I wanted to share on this post so be blessed all and I'll be back later.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday! Here's a quick product review!

n no way a professional when it comes to hair care of any kind so PLEASE be sure to do your own personal research before trying anything on your body.

I know that I barely write to you on Sundays but I just HAD to come on here to say hi and to share with you how excited I really am to have found and new conditioner that I absolutely and a deep conditioning mix that I tried that worked like a miracle on my hair.  So the mix I tried out was the Vo5 and extra virgin olive oil mixture(which is pictured below).   I can't get into all the juicy details because I'm so short on time but I ended up buying a brand new conditioner  called  Garnier Fortyifying Conditioner Pure Clean and what's so awesome about this product is that i'ts 92 % biodegradable, has no silicones, no parabens and no dyes whatsoever.

So what exactly did it do for my hair?  Well let e tell you that it made my hair not only smell great, but it also cleansed it very well and left my hair VERY soft.  Another thing that I really enjoy about this conditioner is that it has a fantastic slip, and what I mean by that is that it's extremely easy for me to run my hair through my fingers as I'm working the product through my hair and detangling my hair.  At one point in my natural hair journey I just knew that the conditoners that I had before this product had a wonderful slip but after using the Garnier Fructis Pure clean conditioner I now know that the slip with this product is much much better.

Where did I find this and how much was it?  Well I found this 25.4 ounce bottle at my local Target and I purchased it for $4.99 and I'm more than sure that you can find this condionter at your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and/or at your local grocery store.

Will I buy this conditioner again?  Absolutely.  I really didn't think that I would like it as much as I really did but after using it for the first time I know now that this item will be in my weekly regiment for as long as my hair loves this stuff.  Being that my hair lives by the curly girl method this conditioner works very very well for me and I would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a fantastic conditioner that has a great slip, smells great, leaves no build up and that has no silicones, parabens or dye.  Well I gotta continue to get myself ready for church so I hope that this was of some help to you and I'll be back to write more later:-)  Pictures will be coming soon. Be Blessed!

 Before my Vo5/Olive Oil DC
 After my Vo5/Olive Oil DC!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No MORE Silicones!!

Here are some pictures of the day:-)

Yay for progress!!! No more silicones for this kinky headed lady!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I haven't forgotten my crochet hooks yet.

I know that I have been doing a lot of post concerning my hair but that's just because I'm still working on my projects so I will be sure to share all of my finished projects with you.  I'm currently taking a break from the spiral afghan I started for our future home because I ran out of the proper yarn for that project so once I get the right color of yarn I will be sure to continue.  What crochet project am I working on right now?  I'm STILL working on finishing up the crocodile afghan I started last September!!  I just so bored with the afghan in such a short amount of time that I can't help but stop working on it ALL the time lol.  But I know that it will be well worth all the work in the end.

Here's an updated picture of my family afghan I"m working on.

Another Hair Product Bites The Dust!

 If you don't want silicone's in your hair then this product is NOT for you.

 OMG you have no idea as to how sad I really am right now because this product that I'm retiring from my regiment is something that I used quite often for the past month but I now have to let it go.  And the reason being for this is because I sadly failed to realize that this Hollywood Beauty Argan Oil Hair Treatment From Morocco has dimethicone, which is a silicone.:-(  I know that to some people using a silicone in their hair isn't a big deal to them but it is a HUGE deal to me.  I'm more annoyed at myself because of the fact that it took me so long to realize in the first place, but in all honestly this was the LAST product I suspected dimethicone to be present in:-(  I mainly used it for it's fragrance so I'm not losing anything THAT great...but still!  goodness I'm really going to miss the smell of this stuff..reminded me of candy.  Oh well life goes on right?  I just wanted to write a quick post as to what I found.  

What did I learn?  To read the ingredients on EVERY hair product I get..even my oils.
Be Blessed!  Be Inspired to do something great!

Operation:GET MY BODY RIGHT! Day1

Okay so in one of my previous post I said that I was working on getting myself back into shape and after looking at several people try this project I wanted to go ahead and try it for myself.  
doing this for the whole month! 
Now I just started this today and so far I feel great  I'm not too worried about the next 4 days because I'm used to doing those amounts of squats a day.  But once we get to day 5 and on will definitely be a great challenge for my body and I'm very excited to accept this challenge:-) I still have my whole body work out to get done once I get back home so I'm excited to let you know how I'm progressing:-)  Be Blessed!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I don't mean to scare myself but...

Well I finally decided to try to pay attention to ALL of the ingredients on the conditioners that I use and I have to admit that I'm kinda concerned about ALL of them because although there are some I know, there are others that I don't know and don't understand.  And quite frankly I'm not sure I want all of the extra stuff on my hair so I'm looking more into organic hair washes and conditioners I can use on a regular basis.  Be back for more!

Sugar Cookies With Instant Vanilla Pudding! Can You Dig?

Well hello my handy dandy blog!  I just wanted to stop by real quick to share a photo of some cookies that I made last night with you.  Now I came up with this idea from looking at some pictures on and decided to try a recipe of my own:-)  So yes the outcome of last nights baking experience was something that I made up as I went along and,I SOO PRAISE THE LORD, because the cookies came out GREAT, SOFT AND CHEWY!  Not to mention my mommy and kids LOVED them so I'll be trying this again and if it's a success then I'll try to give you a rough draft of what I did lol.  I only say rough draft because I didn't really measure everything.  OH!  And the best part, to me anyways, is that it didn't call for me to use any baking powder whatsoever.  Now before I go on and give you some insight on what I did to make this so DELICIOUS.  I only mixed one batter of this together so it is still in it's testing stages so if something comes out a little off for you I'M SORRY lol.  I'm just writing down EXACTLY what I did the first time around because it came out YUMMY for my first time around so here's how I did it!!

What you need!
I preheated my oven at 400 but use your own discretion.
1 Vanilla Instant Pudding Family Size 5.10 oz
2 cups of all purpose flour
1 3/4 cup of sugar( rough estimate here)
extra surgar poured into a small bowl
1 1/2 sticks of margin(you can substitute if you wish with butter or whatever:-D ) 
2 eggs
A Pinch of Vanilla
Food coloring
Large mixing bowl and spoon/spatuala/whatever! :-) 

What I did!!
-I started off by adding my vanilla instant family size pudding and all of my other dry ingredients into the bowl and stirred it all together.
-Add a pinch of vanilla
-Melt  margin by placing the margin into a bow, place it into the microwave and sap the margin until it's almost completely melted
- Promptly added the food coloring to my melted margin and mixed it together until the color was well blended with the margin.
-Pour the colored margin into your dry mix and mix until everything is well blended together
-Taste dough to make sure that you are satisfied with the flavor of your dough because you're not going to want to do another taste test after the eggs are added.
-Add your two eggs by cracking the egg into a separate bowl/cup one at a time to ensure that you won't accidentally expose all your hard work to any BAD eggs.
-Mix well to make sure that the everything is blended well together, cover your mix and place mix in the freezer

-After greasing and flouring my baking dish I took about a golf ball size of dough, rolled it inbetween my hands then pressed my hands together to make my ball flat inbetween my hands.  I didn't flatten it completely just a little bit.
-Place flattened piece of dough in your bowl of butter and coat the piece of dough with sugar on both sides and then place on baking dish.
 -After filling baking dish/ cookie sheet with cookie dough bake four approximately 10 - 12 minutes.  This time may vary depending on how your oven works, how often you open the oven door, and your elevation so be sure to use your best judgement:-)
-After cookies are completely baked all the way through remove from oven and let them cool
-I tend to remove my cookies PROMPTLY from cookie sheet onto a plate or counter top covered with wax paper to help the cookies to stop cooking and to help them cool faster, so if you plan on doing this be sure to be VERY CAREFUL not to break or smash the cookies because they are the most delicate right out the oven.

Again I only tried mixing all of this together once but it came out GREAT for my first time around and the kids love it.  Let me know if I can fix anything!!  Oh!  If you use margin like me be sure not to worry about adding any extra salt since there is plenty of salt within the margin:-)  Be Blessed!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Here's To My First Attempt At Making My Own Shea Butter Mix!!

Can anyone say success??!  Lol seriously though I LOVE how this mixture came out because it seriously made my hair very VERY soft and shiney:-) 

Before I get started on what I did, if you plan on trying this yourself make sure you have the following: 100% natural Shea Butter, the oil(s) of your choice, a bowl to mix everything together, a spoon and a container with a lid to keep your mixture preserved in.

So what all is in this mix and what did  do to get my finished product?  Well I started off by heading to my local beauty supply store and asked if they had in 100 % natural shea butter and they thankfully had several on hand.  So of course I HAD to pick up a small 8 oz container for myself so I could get this done.

When it comes to adding in the extras, I added my extra virgin olive oil, argan oil hair treatment from Morocco, which happens to be alcohol free, and I added a few drops of vitamin E oil as well.  Now I didn't add in a specific amount of oils to my mixture because it was my first attempt at doing this and I honestly had NO idea as to what I was doing lol.  ANYWHOO with that said my mixture came out to be a success!

What did my mixture look like before I let it set?  Due to the oils that I added to my mixture it went from being solid to very soft and runny, and while mixing it with a spoon I took the time to make sure that I got all the clumps since I didn't have a whisk or a mixer to do that for me.

How did I get my mixture to set nicely?  Well after I mixed my mixture until it was nice and smooth all throughout my bowl I put it inside my plastic container, put the top on and let it set in the freezer for half an hour and it was ready to go afterwards!  Super easy!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hair Of The Day.

Well I just wanted to come on here real quickly to share my hair of the day.  I did a chunky twist out and then pinned it up in the back.  I don't have time to talk about some things that I found out about some of the products that I've been using but I'll be back to share!!  Be Blessed!!