Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Skin Care Adventure.

So I recently ran out of the usual skin care product that I use for my cleansing and moisturizing (MARY KAY).  So after weeks and weeks of having nothing to take care of my poor skin I started to break out in pimples really bad and had to do something about it and fast!  Now I could go to my aunt to pick up my usual skin care products but being that I didn't have the cash for it I had to settle for making a quick run to Target to get something for my skin.

The brand that I opted for is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion and the Neutrogenea Fresh Foaming Cleanser and even though it's only been a couple of hours since I've used the products I can already feel the difference in how my skin feels.  I already feel lighter and soft so I have to give both items a thumbs up for now.  Now I know that the cleanser will forever be on my good list but I'm testing out the face lotion since this is my first time in trying it out.  I can't talk too long about it because I have plenty of work to get done but I will be sure to keep you updated on my journey to healthier skin.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My first pair of CROCHETED baby booties.

Frill Top Booties by Myshelle Cole

 Lovely preemie set.  I'm trying to find a cute diaper cover to add.

I did it!!  After several years of failed attempts at crocheting a pair of simple baby booties I finally figured it out earlier this past week.  I can't explain to you as to why I had such a difficult time mastering the technique but I'm relieved and blessed to say that I did it!  I found this pattern for free on and decided to try these out for the simple fact that I needed a cute pair of booties to finish up a set that I was completing.  So I buckled down to business and followed the instructions to the best of my abilities.  The instructions are simple and I'm happy to say that I would try this again.
Well I need to get things ready for this up coming week but I wanted to take a couple of minute to show you what all I've been up to.  Oh!  And just in case you are wondering where I found the pattern for the preemie gown and bonnet, I found those on as well, but I designed the skirt of the gown myself so of course I'm super proud!

Well Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My First Attempt At An Apron Halter Top

Crocheted with love
Here's the front part of the halter top. Size 2t

Back view

I accidentally found this pattern on and had to try it!  Turns out that although i got a little confused with the written instructions, I was able to find my way to the finish line with the help of the pictures that were available to look at.  The best thing to me about ths project is that it didn't take very long to work up so if you're up for a fun and fast project then you should try
Apron halter top by Annastasia Cruz 
Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A lovely Earwarmer For My Lovely Girl.

Well I know that the fall weather hasn't kicked in quite yet out this way but I want to plan for when the weather decides to change on us so I wanted to get some crocheting/knitting done for my kids.  So I'm starting the day out with crocheting a lovely earwarmer/headband for my daughter.

I used redheart super saver yarn and a size k crocheting needle.

Ch. 37, hdc in back loop in second ch from hook all the way across.  slip st to beginning.
Ch 2, hdc in the back loop in first hdc and around.  I repeated this for 9 rows then I went ahead to bind off.

Embellishments.  After looking at several bow patterns I decided to try to make up a really simple pattern of my own.
 Bow: oh!  I used a size g 4.5 crochet needle.
Ch. 30, hdc in second ch from hook.  slip st in beginning ch.  Ch. 2, hdc in first hdc around, slip st in beginning ch.  Repeat for 3 more rows. DO NOT BIND OFF.  After you finish your last slip stitch ch. 27, wrap ch around to make a bow.  Once the bow is complete I sew it onto the band:->

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I new move.

It was the search of cute baby booties that lead me to a preemie burial pattern, that then lead me to think about the loss of my brother.  Not many know this but I had an older brother a little while before I cam along and he ended up going back to heaven.  There are times to when I think about him ALOT  and I wonder what my life would have been like if he were here with me. But it was also the thought of him that lead me to want to do something sweet for those who have not just loss their child but for those who are fighting the good fight along side their itty bitty.  I just wanted to write this short paragraph to say that whatever you decide to do for others, a little bit does go a long way.  Try to do something nice for someone else besides yourself because it's really worth it in the end.

There's a site that I found a while back that list all the local hospitals in this country that graciously excepts charity from the public so I will be sure to post it on this blog once I get back.  One act of kindness a day really does go a long way.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.  Be Thankful.

Cheerful Heirloom is Complete!!

I know that I called it sunny or sunshine heirloom but after finishing it I just felt that the right name for it is Cheerful Heirloom instead:->
For those who do not know where I found this pattern, I found it in one of the many books I own called "Keepsake Baby Afghans" from the leisure arts collection and I must say that I'm very happy that I stuck it out and finished the afghan and followed the instructions as closely as possible.  Now there were a few people that complained that their border didn't come out as ruffly as they expected it to and their borders did look a little flat.  So I don't know if I did something a little different or not but whatever I did I love it and I hope to continue to do it again.

What did I think of the written instructions?  I thought they were pretty forward when it came to the body of the blanket, but just like the nostalgic bliss, I had to look at the picture at times to make guesses to see what I should do because there were symbols that I just didn't understand.  If you are up to try this I have to warn you that the border is THE most tedious part this project and if you become tempted to just end your work early DON'T DO IT.  It'll be all worth it once it's done.

The Extras! 
I want to share the link with you so you can see what others did as well.
Heirloom Ruffles by Kay Meadors
The pattern didn't call for ribbon to be weaved in but after seeing a few people doing so I decided to try it myself and I"m glad that I did because the ribbon adds and extra touch of elegance.

Although this pattern is written in a baby keepsake afghan book this blanket can easily be gifted to a toddler or small child because of the size.  It can cover a crib easily so that's a great bonus as well:->

What am I up to now?  Well I'm working on an adult sized shells afghan for a family member, a shells baby afghan for my collection, and a few other baby items so I'm going to be busy for the duration of this week and weekend.  Well I have to get going so I will be back to share some cute ideas that I found online so Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's been going on!

I know that it's been a hot minute since I have written in you, but I've been trying to organize my agenda for this upcoming week.  And the reason behind that is because I have SO MUCH that I really need to get done that I didn't want to go into this upcoming week completely unorganized so something just had to be done.

What's the update?  Well My Best Of Terry Kimbrough afghan book finally came in this past Tuesday and i was finally able to pick it up from my in-laws this weekend so I am super excited to have it. I was expecting more afghans that I could work as a whole but I found that there are a lot of afghans that I have to work in pieces which isn't my favorite thing to do but I will not complain because there are some really nice patterns that I'm ready to try out.  As a matter of fact I just started an afghan from that book yesterday because I want to give the finished product as a Christmas gift to someone very special to me.

When it comes to the yellow baby afghan I'm on the LAST round of the border but it's taking FOREVER because of the type of stitch I have to do but it's looking beautiful.  I was hoping that I could have it ready by today but there was just too much going on so I'm going to be working on that throughout the day so I'm hoping that I can have it complete by sometime tomorrow.

The Latest!  Well being that we are now in the fall I finally started getting some request for scarves and hats and started on them right away!  The first fall article of clothing that I completed was an infinity scarf and the pattern that I used is the same pattern that I used earlier this year for previous request and for my self:-)  I used charcoal lionbrand super chunky yarn and I love how it came out.  It's super soft and pretty heavy which will be perfect for the cold Washington weather. Effortless Cowl

And Last but not least I started and finished up a cute hat for my cousin and she almost got jacked because the hat came out super C.U.T.E.  BUT being that this has to get to her I plan on making several for my kids and myself so we have matching hats for the season.  All I'm going to say is Santa hats!  Nough said!  Here is where to find this hat pattern Simply Slouchy Beanie 
What did I think of this pattern?  It's super cute and super easy to finish up.  It almost reminds me of how to work up the infinity scarf that I crocheted for my cousin.  Anyone that knows the basics of crocheting can get this done in a matter of hours.  Love the pattern~!

Well what's going on for the knitting ?  I am going to make another teddy bear blanket but in red and white so I"m super excited about that and that's about it for now.   Alright I gotta get ready for church so Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Taste The Rainbow!

Good day to all!  This past week has been pretty awesome and the beginning of this one has been pretty great as well.  Not only did I get one large order last week but I also got ANOTHER order today, so praise God because he is GOOD.

Well the project that inspired me to write to you today wasn't only the sunshing blanket that I'm 4 rounds away from completing but this awesome batch of multi colored pancakes that I made for the kids.  I'm always making them different types of sandwiches and what not so I decided to give them a breakfast remix today and they LOVED them.  Even my momma got a kick out how festive they were. 

I used the target brand pancake mix, which made it super easy for me because all I had to do was add water, and the target brand food coloring and powder surgar.  The "orange" pancakes came out more salmon and he more I tried to make the orange the pinker they got, BUT the blue pancakes came out pretty awesome.  Momma never colored these for me so I figured I would try it for my babies and by the way the reacted to them today I will be making these again:->  Well I still have plenty of crocheting to do so I will be back to share my projects with you.  Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nostalgic Bliss Is Complete!

I am pleased to announce that the second afghan that I started for my collection has been completed earlier today!  I love the yarn that I used, which was lion brand pound of love, because it feels so plush and cozy:-)  The pattern took me a little over two weeks to complete and I plan on using this one quite a bit.  I still have to finish the yellow afghan that I started last month and I will once I can get a hold of the yellow yarn that I need.  Well I need to start dinner for the night and go over a song that I need to learn for practice tonight.  Be Inspired & Be Blessed!!

UPDATE:  I never got the chance to explain the journey of this blanket when I last wrote this blog because I was running to head off to go to church but now that I'm back for a short while I will try my best to explain what I thought of this pattern all around.  When I first started this I firs thought that it was going to take me FOREVER to finish this because it seemed to take a very long time to work up after a while.  That was probably due to the fact that this pattern is so repetitive, but it obviously didn't take that long in reality because I was able to finish it up in under two weeks.

The body of the blanket is made up of v stitches and clusters so long as you know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet then you are all set to try it out.  The only obstacle for me was in fact the border.  It's very lovely and delicate looking but starting it was no picnic and I had to under my work and start again to make sure that I crocheted the right about of stitches and crocheted them as evenly as I can.

Instructions were pretty on point.  There were a few symbols in the book that I'm not accustomed to yet but with the help of the pictures in the book I was able to make an educated guess as to what I was supposed to continue to do when it came to finishing up the border.  And although there were instructions explaining how to read those symbols the instructions just confused me even more!  So I made educated guesses and finished well.

Who can try this out?  Anyone who knows the basics of crocheting can definitely do this project but if you are a beginner you might need to take a little extra time or ask for a little help to get the border started. Or you might just surprise yourself and do a fabulous job on your own.  If all fails you can always go on youtube because they almost always have very helpful tools to get you going.  Well That's my review on this pattern.  I'll continue to try different patterns out and let you know what I think!  Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!