Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Day Of My Castor Oil Challenge!! Reflecting ON My Ups & Downs Durin...

B&W Goodness.

Here are a few selfies I took last night before I called it a night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Updates: How My Hair Is Doing After My Henna Experiment & The Latest On My First Quilt!!!

Good evening readers!  It's been a great day and I'm feeling quite swell that I'm back to write to you before I head off to bed.  The reason why I wanted to take the time to write to you is because I wanted to update you on how my hair is doing these days and I also wanted to give you guys an update on my son's quilt.

How is my hair doing right now?  Well it's doing quite well at the moment.  I noticed earlier this morning before I left for church that my hair was SUPER which REALLY worried me so I took my hair down from my flat twist like I had planned and then pinned it up in a cute protective style for the day.  A couple of hours after I got home and once I was relaxed and not in a huge rush, I slowly began to take down my hair from my pins and started to apply some of my VO5 moisturizing conditioner, a Giovanni conditioner that I plan on reviewing on my youtube channel within the next couple of days, and Castor Oil all over my hair and scalp.  A plastic bag was then placed over my hair for close to half and hour and then I proceeded to rinse my hair out in the shower.  I didn't shampoo but just rinsed the conditioners out.

Once I was out of the shower I applied some of the Giovanni conditioner, shea moisture reconstructive conditioner and castor oil  back into my hair.  Then I twisted my hair in two strand twist and dusted (clipped) my ends, so after doing all of that my hair definitely feels  A LOT better today.  I'm thinking that the strengthening deep conditioner right after my henna treatment was a bit much for my hair but I must say that my hair does feel A LOT stronger now so that's a plus!

Now on to my quilting!!  You have no idea as to how excited I truly am to be quilting now and to be quilting for my children is such a joy.  It really really is:-)  Well I just about cut up all the fabric that I could, which is close to six yards, and I plan on going back to the fabric store on Friday to pick up some more fabric and other stuff so I can finish up this quilt and wrap it up for Christmas. I didn't wash my fabric before I got started because I NEVER wash my fabric before starting a sewing project and nothing bad has ever come out of that.  Now I'm not saying that other people should follow what I do, but I'm just being honest with you with what I'm doing on my end.

Well I really didn't think that I was going to be writing this much but I did so praise the Lord:-)  On a serious note I'm pretty sleepy so I'm going to sign off here so be blessed and I will be back soon.  Night night!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Start At Quilting!!!!!

Some of the fabric that I measured and cut out.  I have a long way to go but the progress is pretty sweet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

What I've Decided: Getting Ready For My First Quilt.

So after a lot of thought and searching pinterest for countless ideas, I've decided to do a rag quilt as my first quilting project because it looks like the project will be fun and I know that the outcome of my work will be enjoyable for the kids.  I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow and I will be back to share with you what fabrics I chose to get!  Night night and be blessed!!!!

Reshma Henna Dye Experiment Success!

So I just finished dying and deep conditioning my hair today with Reshma Henna this morning and I'm very happy for the results.

Reshma Henna Results On My 4C Natural Hair!!!! Pictures included!!!!!!

My Reshma Henna Experiment Part 2!

Good morning readers and how are you doing this lovely Friday morning?  Well this morning is the first morning that I have woken up to a henna mixture on my hair, under two plastic bags and a scarf. 

So what do I think so far?  Well this mixture is definitely stinky and I'm very happy that I applied this before I went to bed instead of this morning because I would not have liked to walk around with all this on my head out and about.  When it comes to how I did over night I feel like I survived it pretty well because I was suspecting to be VERY irritated with this stuff on my head while trying to sleep , but it wasn't all that bad.  It wasn't a GREAT feeling but again it wasn't bad.

So when am I rinsing this goop out of my hair?  Well I actually plan to do so once I get back home later on this morning so I'll be back to let you know what I think.

When it comes to applying it to my hair, after reading and hear countless people exagerate that it's super messy to deal with while putting it on the hair I was suspecting the worst.  I didn't lay down any news papers or towls and I only had ONE small casualty with the door but I was able to remove the henna right away so that was great.  As long as you are careful while your applying the henna to your hair you shouldn't have any problems but please if you feel like you need to put news papers and towls down to protect your bathroom then you do what you feel you need to do.  Well I gotta go so be blessed!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I love It When I Find A Good Deal.

God is good.
Be Blessed!

Heirloom Ruffles/Crochet Along Update.

Hey there I just wanted to share with ya'll that I'm very close to being done with my CROCHET ALONG project.  I have three more rows of the border to finish and then I'm going to add in some ribbon.  I wanted to add in dark brown ribbon but I have white on hand so that's most likely going to have to do. 

My quilting adventures will be shared with you on here so get prepared for some quilting pictures!  I'm just so excited about trying something new with sewing I almost can't stand it, but anyhow it's late.  Night night and be blessed!

Why Mom??? I Feel Cheated.

I just found out this very morning that my momma and her momma used to quilt all the time. How do I feel about that?  I feel CHEATED that's how I feel.  Lol for a while now I've been having this desire to quilt and I really didn't think to investigate why but now I know the true reason why.  It's in my blood to quilt, but why on earth didn't my momma ever try to teach me to quilt a LONG time ago??  I'm pretty sure that she'll say that I never asked her and that she most likely thought that I wouldn't hold any interest in it.  SO I plan on going to the crafting store down the way to see  what all I would need to start my quilting adventure.    I already have my hands on some easy dress patterns for myself and the girls but I don't want to start that until the ending of the winter.  I would write more but I have to get this girl to school.  Be Blessed!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket Update.

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket by Barbara Breiter 
Well I thought that I was going to have this project pretty much completed, but due to everything that has been going on throughout this past week and weekend I'm far from complete. With that said, I'm satisfied that this project is getting completed at all!  The second row of bear motifs are being knitted up right now.

Target Haul!!!

Protective Hair Style Experiment Done Right.

I'm definitely going to do more protective hair styles for this Fall and Winter because my hair is NOT feeling this dry cold weather. Can't wait to share more styles with you!!

Be Blessed!

Target Haul!

Good morning blog readers and happy Monday to you!  This weekend has been a pretty colorful one at that because my poor husband has been battling an unforgiving cold and fever, so that kept me home-bound.  But despite that I found a little bit of time to get myself to target to pick up some medication for the husband and some fun stuff for myself.  And did you know that Target now has beauty consultant type women that will make rounds around the beauty section to assist the shoppers along with giving the shoppers FREE samples from time to time?  I found the free samples the highlight of my short trip:-)

The Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque,  Bodcology XOXO Body Lotion, and the Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioners are new to me so I'm going to take time to write about them later on within the week to tell you what I think.

Well the endless task of my household chores are calling me so I must sign off here.  Be Blessed!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

What I'm Knitting NOW.

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket by Barbara Breiter 
Hey ya'll how are you doing?  Here's a picture of my current knitting project that I'm making for my baby blanket stash, because I'm so tired of my stash being empty.  This project will probably take me a total of 12 days to finish IF I work on this ALL the time so we'll have to wait and see just how long it will take me to finish this particular project.
I have used this twice before sometime last year and decided back then that I was going to keep this pattern in my stash because it's so easy to work with.
Well I gotta get going so be blessed and I'll be back later!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Spiral Baby Blanket #2 Is Complete!!!

I wasn't too happy with the lighting so I'm going to do another photo shoot sometime either tomorrow or Later on on Sunday afternoon.

Be Blessed!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Glimpse From Yesterdays' Shoot.

Hey there readers:-)  After posting a few pictures from yesterdays shoot in my previous post I wanted to go ahead and share a few more.

My girls were too excited to join in on the fun:-D

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed my quick show and tell.

Be Blessed!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Attempt at a head wrap. Feeling Like A Lovely African Princess!

I look so much like my Grandma here!!

Good afternoon readers!  Well I wasn't planning on doing a mini photo shoot today, but I became inspired earlier this afternoon after watching a head wrap tutorial.  So here are a few photos from today's shoot.

Can you believe that I used a QUEEN SIZE SHEET to get this look?!!  I definitely wouldn't wear this head wrap out all day due to the weight, but it sure came out cute in this picture:-)

Be blessed!!

Pet Post Of The Day. We love you Aries!!

My pet post of the day is dedicated to our smallest guy in our home named Aries:-)  He's a lovely ball python that we all love and cherish.  I don't post much about our pets but I'm going to start doing so now because I believe that talking about them on my blog will be pretty fun.

Be Blessed!

Crocheting Updates!!

Well hello again!  I just wanted to write a post to share my updates with two crocheting projects that I'm working on.  One project is for my CROCHET ALONG #2, while my other project is just for fun.

Now this project is a granny square sampler that I'm currently working on.  It's going to take some time before this project is completely done but I determined to stay patient to get it done correctly.

This is a spiral baby blanket that I found of  I found this pattern months back and I told myself that I would forever keep this pattern in my stash because I like it that much.  The pattern is available on ravelry for free.

Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu Crochet 
Well I'm hungry so I am going to sign off here.  Be blessed!!

Happy November!!! Hair Blog Of The Day.

Good morning readers how are you doing?  After a pleasantly long weekend I'm doing well and I'm also pretty excited to share a couple of pictures with you from this past weekend.  But before I do that I'm very happy to say that I am now in my 39th day of my Castor Oil Challenge, and I couldn't be any more pleased with myself because I honestly didn't think that I was going to get this far within my challenge.   So with that said I want to share a picture from yesterday that shows me wearing my hair in a stretched flat twist out.

So how did I get this stretched look?  Well I decided to dry my hair on medium heat first and then instal my flat twist after.  That method worked very VERY well for me because by the end of the day the shrinkage that I had was very minimal and it helped cut down my my single strand knots.  Why did I use the medium heat instead of the cooler air when blow drying my hair?  Using the warmer air instead of the cooler air was more convenient because the warmer hair dried my hair a lot faster.  Will I be blow drying my hair on a weekely basis?  I most likely will.  

The products that I used to style my hair was the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and Castor Oil.  Those two items are my staple products for when it comes to moisturizing, sealing and styling my hair because my hair has been showing me that it loves the new change.

Well I don't want to make this too long but I did want to take the time to give you a little bit of an update on what's going on with my hair.  For more info please go ahead and be sure to check out my youtube videos as well.

Be Blesed!!