Saturday, February 27, 2016

Crochet Deadpool Granny Square Sampler Update!!

Have you ever started a project that you planned on completing within a certain time frame, but due to life your project ended up dragging and DRAGGING along?? Well that is exactly what this project feels like to me and let me tell you why.  I originally started my project in the picture below for my husband and I decided to use colors that reminded him of Deadpool since he's one of my husbands favorite  comic book characters.  Then a year after slowly getting this version of the sampler together I happily found a free Deadpool graph to use for this project instead, so I quickly scrapped my original work to restart on this pixel masterpiece.
So fast forward to last November because that's when I started the Deadpool afghan makeover.  I was really excited to start this project and be done with within a months time because Christmas was coming and I really wanted this project to be a Christmas gift to my husband.  Well Due to me running out of yarn and not being able to restock my stash I had to wait not just one, but TWO whole months before I could continue on with horridly long project of mine.

Thankfully I purchased enough yarn to get through the next ten to fifteen rows so I hope to get through those rows without a hiccup!  Heck hopefully I purchased enough yarn to finish the whole darn thing but I'm not going to hold my breath for that.  :-)  Anways that's about all I wanted to write you about since it has been a while since I gave ya'll an update on this surprise that didn't quite make it for Christams.  Maybe it'll get here for Fathers Day or maybe even Easter.  Who knows!

Side note : All thee yarn that's used for this sampler is Red Heart Super Saver Solids and I'm using a size F 3.75 crochet hook.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Sorry I haven't been uploading my videos on my blog like I used to in the past!  I'll do my best to keep this blog updated on my videos. :-D

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just Because It's Sunday!

Good afternoon!  The Super Bowl is today and even though we don't plan on watching it today, we still are going to continue to have the most relaxing Sunday that we can!  

Before going to church I had to prep my hair for a lovely protective style that I felt like attempting for the day and, in the process of doing so, I had to comb out my hair and came to the fun realization of how much my hair has grown and thickened over the course of 5 months!   I still have a while to go until I've reached my hair goal but I'm thankful for now that my hair is making the progress that it is.

It didn't take much for me to get this style complete and ready to go.  I already had plenty of grease and moisturizer on my hair from the previous protective style that I did so the only thing that I did was take down my hair, comb my hair out, and then proceeded to two chunky flat twist on both sides of my head.

Seriously, I will never underestimate the power of grease again.

If you're into doing protective styles, then what protective style do you go to the most for the week??

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Progress On Transitioning from Damaged Dull Hair To Healthy Full Hair Again!!

Well I know that I may be a few days late but happy February!  I want to share with you the latest hair products that I absolutely LOVE to use on my hair now  and I wanted to let you know that that I'm keeping my hair regimen simple I'm still transitioning  from my colored damaged hair.

Everything that is in this picture is almost everything that I'm using weekly to keep my hair clean, conditioned and moisturized.  The only item that isn't here is the moisturizer that I just finished today and it happens to be the Eden Body Works Curl Creme, or at least I think that's the proper name for it.  Instead of using that item for twist outs, sense I  hardly do twist outs anymore, I use the curl creme as a leave in conditioner

Transitioning from damaged hair to new healthy hair, instead of big chopping was the best choice that I could make for myself because I honestly could not see myself cutting the majority of my hair off and feeling great about myself.  There are plenty of brave people that could cut off their hair, rock that style and own it, but I can't do that myself and I'm okay with that.

Just as I have done since last September, I'm still keeping my hair regimen as simple as possible and stick with different types of low tension protective styles, and I clip my ends every time I feel that they need to be clipped. I already did a mini chop last month and ended up cutting a little more off than I thought I was going to but I don't regret what I did.  I just need to be careful the next time I take scissors to my hair because I can get real scissor happy if I allow myself to!!

A few months ago I shared,  when my breakage was still at its worst,  that I deep conditioned at least twice a week to keep my hair feeling and looking healthy.  But since the beginning of November I've pretty much gone back to deep conditioning my hair just the once a week...I think...Either November or December was when i started DC my hair once a week. Sorry I don't remember!!!

Well I didn't plan on this entry being this long but I did want to update you on what's what with my hair and everything  I have been using to get it back to it's healthiest state.

I've noticed over time how complicated people have made taking care of natural hair and let me be the one to say here that I refuse to go that route because it isn't necessary to make your life more difficult in order to obtain healthy hair.  I can understand wanting to try new ways and ideas but the lengths that people online are going to trying to be creative or get extra clicks is just beyond ridiculous.  And no I'm not throwing shade at anyone, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to continue to strive to be my normal chill self  and I'm going to strive to keep up with my hair with as little fuss and craziness as possible!

Be Blessed and I'll write back in a bit!  If you are on your own hair journey how is it going for you???