Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Gift For Lennox : Another Granny Square Dream In The Making!

Hey there!!  Can you tell that I'm not quite tired of granny squares yet??  Let me tell you right now that I haven't loved granny squares anymore than I do now because there's just so much that can be done with them!  Now I didn't get to finish my Deadpool project because I'm once again out of yarn, but I was able to get this lovely project done for our new nephew.  If all is well I can have this in the mail and on its way home within the next week.

The main element that makes me so excited about this project is that I used this gift in the making to teach myself how to double crochet my squares together!  I usually will whip stitch my squares together or I'll single crochet them together, but I opted to change things up to learn something new.

I'm also really excited to be using a larger crochet hook again for this particular project since I've been so used to crocheting with smaller hooks.

Well this is my small project on the side that I HAD to share with you since I'm so excited about it! Check out the link that I'm sharing on this post if you want to learn more how to crochet your granny squares together as well!

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