Monday, February 24, 2014


Elise Is Still In Progress!

Good morning readers:-)  I wanted to quickly update you on what it is that I'm still knitting at the moment.  I'm working with a pattern called Elise by a designer named Melissa Leapman and she happens to be one of my favorite knitting designers around.  I've used several of her patterns in the past and this particular pattern is one of the most relaxing patterns that I have ever worked with.

I'm using the possibly 4 skeins of the  Bernat baby cordinates yarn and the name of the color is called Playtime, and I'm using size nine circular knitting needles.


I cannot believe that it's almost been a whole year since I restarted my haircare journey because time has just flown by.  I'll be doing a recap video of the entire year so stay tuned for that:-)

I wanted to share this picture with you because this was taken on my date night with my fantastic husband and it was my first time using this head wrap.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have picked purchasing the head wraps I did over the wigs.  I still want to get a couple of wigs but they can definitely wait because I'm having way to much fun with the fabric:-)

Friday, February 21, 2014

What I'm Knitting Now Feb 2014!!!!!

Well hello readers and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I'm currently working on a baby blanket that I'm making for a friend at church because she's going to be having a baby very soon!!  I'm working from Leisure Arts Our Best Knit Baby Afghans Book 2, and the name of the pattern that I'm using is called Elise.  I decided on using Bernat Baby Cordinates yarn and the color I'm working with is called Playtime, and I'm using a size 9 circular knitting needle for this afghan.

For more information go ahead and take a peek at my video and be blessed!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Conditioner On Natural Hair Product Review!!!


Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Strengthen Reconstructing Butter On Natur...

I absolutely love the butter and I can't wait to get more of it!  Again I purchased the Garnier Fructis butter at Target for $4.99

Those Are Some Pretty Shoes!!!

How on earth can real shoe lover say NO to such a piece of art??!!!  That's EXACTLY what I thought when I stood in the mirror while gazing at my feet in the reflection of the store mirror.  The shoes were a little tight but I knew that once I broke them in they were MEANT for me, and it didn't help that my husband was like "WHY ARE YOU WAITING JUST GET THEM!"And  Lord bless his heart because He knows that if I could have I would have bought 20 pairs of shoes similar to this one but I'm so thankful for these.  Just looking at them makes my heart just a tad bit more happy:-)

And of course I had to share one of my new outfits with ya'll!!  Both the crop top and harem pants are from forever 21 and I'm not sure on the prices of these items but I know that both were under $20!  I'll try to share more with ya'll when I can I promise!!!

Head Wrap Success!!!

Happy Tuesday readers it's great to finally be back to write to you guys and to update ya'll on some of the things that are going on.  Well for starters the pictures that you see above are the pictures of me modeling an head wrap experiment that I did earlier today and relieved to say that I really liked how it came out.  I'm sure that this style isn't anything original but it was the first time that I attempted it it so yay for me! 

In a couple of weeks it'll be a whole year that I  restarted my hair care journey and I'm just so excited that for that day to get here because I've been working so hard to take special care of my hair for the past 11 months, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could have long, naturally kinky hair.  I'm not close to the length that I want to reach but I am very pleased with the progress that I've made thus far.

This AMAZING picture here, that was taken by yours truly:-D, is a picture of my brand new guitar that my husband surprised me with from  The whole set is called Learning The Guitar For Dummies..or something of that effect and it comes with the hand book on learning the guitar,two guitar picks, an electronic pitch pipe,a soft guitar case and the guitar itself .  Oh and a dvd as well:-)  The whole story behind me relearning the guitar is that I actually learned some of the guitar back in high school and once I  went off to high school, I lost my guitar not long after.  I just recently wanted to pick the guitar back up and once my husband heard about that he went ahead and blessed me with a beginners set.  I'm truly blessed beyond measure and there is no way I can express how grateful I truly am to him.

Well I have one or two more entries to catch you up on so I must sign off here for now!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Long Time No Blogging!!

Well hello readers and Happy Belated Valentines Day!  First of all I want to apologize for failing to write to you as often as I should be writing but I do promise to make an honest effort to change that this up and coming month.  I also wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I will soon be doing several different product review for you guys both on here and on my youtube channel, so please be sure to check the both of them out.  So yes I haven't forgotten about you at all, it's just been a real trying month but I'm getting through it day by day by the grace of God, so with that said prepare for a good amount of fun posts from me coming soon!

I actually did a product review sometime last week so once I get back from all my running around today I'm going to try my best to get back on here to write about it and post my youtube post for you here as well, so it's been a nice writing to you for this short while but the preparations of the day are calling me so have a wonderful day and I'll hopefully be back to write more to you soon.