Monday, August 26, 2013

My Next Leave In Conditioner. Tresemme Naturals New Formula.

Okay ya'll so I know that I wrote a post a while back letting you know that I was on the search for a new leave in conditioner and please let me tell you that I think that I found it.  The brand that I chose for myself is the Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and the main reason why I chose this for myself is because it's a silicone free conditioner with aloe vera and avocado.  Now there was a lot of talk about the company changing its formula and I heard from several natural women on youtube that they weren't feeling the change.  But please let me tell you that despite the negative feedback that the new formula has been getting, I have to say that I really like using this conditioner on my hair.  As a leave in and as a rinse out as well.

Due to this conditioner not being created to be a leave in, I make sure to keep this product off of my scalp when I desire to leave it in after my wash to prevent irritation, and I do find that the slip on this conditioner isn't the greatest at all.  But it still leaves my hair smelling good, looking and feeling hydrated and feeling super soft.

I'm super sorry that it's taken me so long to write this to you but at least I made it back here before the year was up!  I'm honestly working on coming back here to write to you more often but it's just been a little difficult lately.  There are several other products that I want to write about so I will be writing a blog about them as soon as I can, but I must get ready to sign off here.

Be Blessed!  Be Inspired.

Join Me On My Crochet Along!!

Well hello there my lovely blog readers!  Today I wanted to update you on what's been going on in my crocheting life, so to give you a little insight on that I recently started a Crochet Along a few weeks back.

 The reasoning behind that is because I have been having several people constantly asking me what my latest project is and I just wanted to share my project time with every that wanted to join me.  Now I'm working from one of the books that I have in my personal collection called Keepsake Baby Afghans from the Leisure Arts collection and the designer of the patterns in that book is Kay Meadors.  Now if you don't have this book or don't have the resources to purchase this book then you can find a pattern that you already have in your possession or find a free crochet pattern on your search engine and work with me from there.

Heirloom Ruffles in progress.  Pattern by Kay Meadors

The Crochet Along will be open for another week or so and then I will be closing it off until I start the next one, but I will be sure to let you know when I'll be ending this project with you ahead of time.

For those of you who plan to join me in on this Crochet Along, thank you so much for your participation and I surely look forward to seeing what amazing pieces of work you work up on the ends of your crochet hook:-)

Be Blessed!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wow has time changed.

Well hello there  how are you doing?  It's seriously been a hot minute since I took the time to write in this blog so that's why I wanted to stop by to let you know how we are doing.  A lot has happened over the past couple of months, some good and bad but nothing in vain.

The biggest change in our lives so far the biggest change in our lives that has occurred is that my husband and I are just now stepping out of our comfort zones to help spread the love and truth about the Lord.with the youth at our church.  Now if someone would have told me years ago that I was going to be training to be a youth pastor with my husband I most likely would have laughed in their face.  Not so much a mocking kind of laugh but more of a disbelief.  So here we are and goodness let me tell you that ever since we've stepped up in our walks with God, I personally have been having some battles, but it's all good to know that because I know that I MUST be doing something right.  As my pastor and friends have said to me in the past, "the higher the level, the bigger the devils:" Lol so yeah that's where I'm at now.

My focus now is to continue to follow the Lord because I know that while following his word and his will nothing harmful can come to my family or myself.  Well I just wanted to give you a quick update on us so I'm going to go ahead and sign off here and leave you with one of my favorite verses.

Proverbs 21:31
The horse is prepared for the day of battle but deliverance is of the Lord.

Who knew that cutting my clothes to pieces could be so much fun!!

Thank you!