Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elaine By Melissa Leapman Is Complete!!!

 Elaine all clean, dry and ready to be used!

All I can say is FINALLY!!  It took me a little over a month to finish this blanket and I would have had it done sooner, but life has been pretty busy around here. The baby blanket measures at 36x40. Once again the pattern that I used for this project is called ELAINE by Melissa Leapman and I found the pattern in the book called "OUR BEST KNIT BABY AFGHANS BOOK 2".

If you're a beginner then I think that this is a pattern that you should try for sure.  Well I am NOT going to write anymore at the moment so be blessed!  I'll be back to share more projects with you for sure.
I took this picture before I washed and dried it so it's still a little wrinkled here and the edges are still curling into itself a little bit.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Elaine: Still In Progress.

I'm still working hard on my sons baby blanket.  Pattern can be found in "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans Book 2" by Leisure Arts.

Hair For Days. My Almost Two Year Mark!!!!

 Yes!  I've almost survived two years of keeping myself OUT of breads and learning to enjoy my natural hair.  It hasn't bee an easy journey but it's been an exciting one at that!
 I am going through postpartum shedding so my edges as you  can probably tell have thinned out a bit.  But with some TLC I know that I'll get my hair right back on track.
AND you can see the color I dyed my hair not long in this pic, which is exciting because I've been trying to get a good pic of my new hair color for a while now.  Well I don't want to make this long so have a blessed weekend and I look forward to having yet another fun year of healthy and growing hair!