Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Progress On A Christmas Surprise.

I just finished putting my ninth row together and I'm starting row ten now.  Any ideas as to who this is yet?  This is coming out better than expected!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Granny Square Christmas Surprise Still In the Making!

I had to come here to share my progress on this HUGE Christmas surprise that I'm working on.  I'm a little under half way done with the main part of the afghan and, I still have to get a large quantity of white yarn for some of the main portions of the afghan and its' border.

Still wondering just WHO I'm crocheting up??  Keeping checking back in the find out!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Granny Square Surprise Christmas Gift In The Making!!

A picture of my progress this past Friday.

Good evening readers and thank you for stopping by!  I know that I'm late AGAIN with updating you on my latest project but it really isn't all that easy coming to you on time like I would like to.  Between our puppy, kids and just trying to keep up with life, writing here sometimes doesn't make it on my daily to do list.  But thankfully I'm here to share an awesome project that I'm working on for someone special at home and I totally can't wait till I have it all done.  I can't say who it's for or what the afghan is made to look like but what I will say is that the character is pretty awesome.  Do you have any guesses as to what character I'm crocheting up? 

Well once this afghan is all done you know that I will be more than happy to share my much anticipated work with you!  What I can tell you is that I'm working with red, white and black Red Heart Super Saver yarn from Walmart and Joanns, and the size crochet hook I'm using is a size F.  I luckily found the pattern on google for absolutely free and look forward to sharing that info with you once this project is done.

Two of the MANY granny squares I have to work up.

More progress from tonight.