Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Baby Girl Is Apart Of The Curly Girl Method Club! Plus My Hairstyle For Today!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Okay so I'm so awesomely excited to announce that today is the first day that my baby girl became a member of the Curly Girl Method Club.  Lol okay so Know that there really isn't no such thing technically but this is the first day that she co-washed and it went GREAT!  I'm excited to see how her hair reacts to this method:-)  Not to mention that the process of styling her hair was so peaceful and easy because her hair wasn't getting pulled by the comb.

Anywhoo!  I also wanted to share a picture of my hair today:-D
I know you really can't see the back or sides but I did a large flat twist on both sides of my head and then I rolled, tucked and pinned my hair up in the back.  And don't let me get started on my bangs.  LOVE THEM!!  Okay so motherhood is calling so I gotta run.  Be Blessed!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here's An Update:-)

  Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu

Thankfully with the size H hook I'm using this afghan is working up rather quickly!  Can't wait to show you more pictures of this afghan:-)  Be blessed everyone.

Wash And Go Results On 4b Type Hair

 Hey ya'll these are pictures of my wash and go results from yesterday and I just wanted to put it out there that no matter what grade category hair type falls under, love your hair and rock it well:-)  I think there isn't enough of self love going around and that needs to change.  Okay that is all.  I got a lot of running around to do.  Love yourself, love others, and be blessed!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm crocheting!! I call this one Mint Meets Clover.

  Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu

I know that I've been doing A LOT of writing about hair so I just wanted to show you what I've been crocheting for the past couple of minutes.  I'm currently working on this baby blanket for a another wee one.  What do you think?  I LOVE this pattern.


Photo: Im thankful that my husband was home to take it out our bathroom!#yikes#tarantula#redtarantula#freakingoutalittle#myhusbandsavedtheday 
Can you believe that my husband found this crazy looking tarantula in our bathroom!  ugh spring why couldn't you have waited an extra week or two??

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling A Little Different Today. Happy Palm Sunday Everyone!

Hey ya'll I hope that you all are having a wonderful day today!  Well I just wanted to share some pics of the new hair style I'm trying this evening:-) I just decided to pin up my twist out and came up with this and I'm happy as to how it came out.  Thankfully I'm actually enjoying my kinky locks.

Anywhoo what did I think about the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream? I absolutely LOVE It!  Some of the things that I really enjoy about this cream is that I can use it to style my hair on a daily basis, use it to condition my hair or I can use it to deep condition my hair as well.  Another great thing about this cream is that it doesn't leave a lot of build up at all and I'm one that's very VERY picky about that because I HATE for my hair to feel sticky and goopy and this doesn't leave my hair feeling that way at all.  So all in all I will be buying this for myself and my kids and we will be using this quite often.  OH! And what I LOVE about this product the most is that it's  $5.99 dollars for a  fl oz jar which is great, considering that some products that are just as good can be pretty pricey.
  Well Be blessed everyone!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

My Head Wrap Style Of The Day

Well since I'm in the process of deep conditioning my hair and I have runs to make I wanted to look cute while be in the outside world with my conditioning situation going on.  Love it!!  Will be back with more to write.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Proctective Style For The Day.

Well I decided to try something new last minute and went ahead with this style.  I personally can't get enough of this style and can't wait to get more scarves!!!

Well I gotta get ready to go to practice.  Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So here are a few pics from today:-)  I'm glad that I was able to make my oil mixture and shea butter curl enhancing cream worked out for me today:)  All I did was pin the back of my hair into a small bun and let the rest go free:-)  Today was a good day!

Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Smoothie Update Review!

Okay so you know how I previously told you that I did NOT like this product nor would I buy this again?  Well after playing around with it for a couple of days I FINALLY figured out what I needed to do to make this work for my hair. 

My way of making this work for me is to add extra oils to my curl enhancing smoothie regiment.  How do I do that?  Well I spray the piece of hair I'm about to twist with water/ovoo mixed water, detangle with my fingers, add a LITTLE of this shea moisture curl enhancing stuff to the piece of hair that I'm working with, then add the oils of my choice after to my piece of hair I'm working with.  After rubbing all the products in my hair I twist:-)

What all did I put in my oil mixture to make my hair extra soft and shiny??  Well I first got an empy small bottle and poured in a bit of olive oil, coconut oil, lisa's hair elixir from the Carols Daughter collection, olive oil glossing polisher, argan oil morocco, vitamin e oil, and creme of nature with argan oil from morocco gloss and shine polisher.  I know that this may not work for all of those who were having trouble with this product before but it sure helped me!!  Well I gotta get back to dinner and getting my work out done.  Be Blessed and be inspired!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


So I'm getting close to finishing the first head band that I've knitted in a while and I wanted to go online to try to find some natural hairstyles for myself to have for our vow renewal ceremony.  I know that it isn't for another 6 years but I want to getting our planning started early so yeah:-)

I cannot believe how underrated my hair texture has been both to myself and to a lot of other people out there.  Yes my hair is unruly and nappy but it's beautiful in it's own way and I'm happy that I'm FINALLY able to embrace my hair as it is, and knowing that there are still a lot of people out there that aren't ready to embrace there hair in it's most natural state and I am makes my feelings all the sweeter.  I just had to write that for the day:-)  Pictures of my headband will be posted later on:-)  Be Blessed!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Review

So before I get completely started with this review I will have a video up on youtube soon so you can see my review there as well. 

So what did I think?  Well before I purchased this product for myself I had viewed countless people on youtube praising the product by saying how great it left their curls and how moist and healthy their hair looked after using the smoothie so I felt that it was time for me to get this AMAZING product myself. 

How did I apply it to my hair?  Well after co washing with the conditioner of my choice I put a little bit of hair elixer into my hair and sprayed my hair with my water/ovoo mixture and then took pieces of my hair. applied the smoothie to my hair, detangled if I needed to and then twisted my hair.  While looking into the jar before getting in contact with it it looked VERY thick but once I rubbed it inbetween my fingers it seemed a lot more thin to me BUT it smells great.

How did it leave my hair?  It left my hair looking more frizzy and dryer than I have seen it in a LONG time so I obviously was not thrilled with this product at all.  But being that I payed $10 for it want to try to make this work for my hair, took two spoon fulls of the smoothie and put it into a separate jar, then took the oils of my choice and added it to the smoothie.  I then mixed it all together and tried to reapply it to my hair.  Hopefully this will work for me otherwise I will not be using this again.  Well I gotta get ready for church so I'll be back later to write more:-)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knitting again!!

Hey dear blog I can't write that long but I did want to come on here and right a quick hello and let you know what all hat I've been up to.  Well as you know I I've been working on taking much better care of my hair and I'm now working on my cousins headband:-)  It's taken me long enough to get started on it so yay!!  Will post random pictures and what not soon. OH!  I'm working on starting up my own channel on youtube so please be sure to check it out once it's up and running!!  Talk to you soon and stay blessed!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Length Check

Well hello my dear blog readers.  I just wanred to share a picture of my legnth check with you.   I will not be xoing this often because I need to focus more on the health of my hair more so than the length right now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Outfit For The Day!!

I love me some Forever21 and Foreign exchange!!  have a great day everyone!!

Venus Review!!

Okay so first of all Happy Monday to everyone!!  I hope that everyone made it to their destinations on time today unlike  So i wanted to write to you today because I wanted to write a review on an article of clothing I wore at church yesterday fromVENUS:-)  and before I go any further I just want everyone to know that no one asked to write this and I'm not getting payed in any kind of way to write this review but this is purely out of me having fun. 

 Elbow sleeve tiered dress
 Elbow Sleeve Tiered Dress $39

Okay so my husband had me pick a bunch of cute looking dresses from and although there are still a few items that still need to be shipped I got the main part of my order(s)already so that's good. Alrighty so I wore a black and white elbow sleeved tiered dress and I must say that when I first tried it on the day I got it I was very unsure if I was going to like the dress and I absolutely wasn't sure if my husband was going to like it because it's a unique dress so I made sure that this dress wasn't going to be the first dress to wear lol.  So yesterday morning I pumped myself up to trying the dress on again and once I had the dress on with my make pretty much done, earrings on and I got some awesome shoes my husband picked out I felt GREAT about the dress and how well it hugged me.

Now I was a little concerned about the length because being that I'm on stage for Sundays I HAVE to make sure the the dresses I where are the appropriate length because, even though I do wear shorts underneath my dresses, I don't want people to see up my dress period.  AND I was a little concerned about the length because the dress looks to be a LITTLE shorter on the model that what it actually was on me, and just to let ya'll know I"m 5'9 to some and 5'10 to others.  So yes the dress fits great, the length is awesome and it looks classy!!  I also LOVE this dress all the more because I don't have to dry clean it but just wash it in cold water on delicate and line dry so that makes life great!

So yes I love this dress and yes I would tell my friends to shop on this site because their stuff is amazing!!  Make sure to read their size chart if you do plan on shopping online because some of their sizes ran a little large for me but if all fails I can just get them taken in:-) 

that concludes my clothing review so I hope that this helps whomever is thinking about shopping at  I'll be knitting later on today so I'll be back to share that with you as well.  Be blessed ya'll!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Second Wash!! What a crazy night I had!!

Hello readers and how are you doing today?  Well before I head back off to church I wanted to share my experience with washing and conditioning my hair:-)  Now I had planned for my wash to go a certain way but it ended up going a little differently than expected but THAT'S OKAY because my hair came out awesome.

Okay so how did I get started?  Well I wanted to have another deep conditioning this week because, as I had stated in my last couple post, I had just come out of braids and my hair needed some extra love.  So after doing my first deep conditioning in a VERY LONG TIME last week I wanted to do one more yesterday evening.  And I don't plan on doing a deep conditioning EVERY week but regular conditioning will be apart of my weekly regiment.  Okay so I started out by mixing Castor Oil and Organics Cholesterol Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner together in an empty hair grease jar I have and after I mixed a little bit of each together I started sectioning off my hair into medium sized pieces and started to detangle that piece.  After the piece of Hair was detangled I would apply some to my scalp and would massage that in, and then would apply more to my hair.  Once I rubbed the mixture in my hair and scalp I would braid that piece of hair and I continued this regiment all over my head till all of my hair was covered my my picture and braided.  So I then put a plastic cap over my head and left my hair alone for about half an our. So if you read the directions on tegh back of the tea tree oil conditioner you will read that you're only supposed to leave it on for a couple of minutes but I didn't listen lol.

ANYWHOO:-)When 30 minutes came I went ahead and got back in the shower to rinse my hair out.  Now I tried using the leave the braids in method while I rinse but that just DID NOT work at all okay so I had to take my braids out while I was in the shower so I could attempt to rinse my hair out.  OKAY so as you know I'm not a believer in washing my hair with shampoo every week because I like to cowash with conditioner so I tried washing with V05 conditioner but the previous conditioner just would NOT COME OUT lol.  So being that I was running late to go pick a cake up with my husband I took out what I could and got out the shower to make the run with my husband.  So after two hours of rocking my wash and go(super fly!!)I came back home, put ALL the groceries away, started a load of dishes and started making a late night pot of my mac and cheese for the family.  Once that was all taken care of I went BACK in the shower to wash my hair with some shampoo, but that's because I was desperate to get all the oil out LOL, and that worked like a charm!  I then got out the shower, put a small amount of V05 back into my hair then let my hair air dry for the next 20 minutes.

After my hair was somewhat dry I started adding my Carols Daughter Lisa's Elixer and Olive oil Frizz control oil to my hair.  Parted my hair where I wanted then started twisting and rolling my hair.

After that LONG night my hair came out feeling so soft and STRONG:-).  I haven't taken my hair out of the twist and rollers yet but Once I do I'll take a picture so you can see what my hair looks like now.  So after two deep conditionings I won't do another for another two weeks.  Oh!  And I do have to say that the VO5 conditioner ROCKS and it's super cheap.  LOVE It.  Alright well I just wanted to update you on my hair journey and oh!!  I did a length check last night and I"m very very happy and where my hairs at now and I can't wait for it to grow even more.  I think I'll even take a picture of my length check so you can see where I'm at right now.  Well I have plenty to do so please be blessed today!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pics of my First Four Natural Days.

 My first four NATURAL days:-)

I was reading a post from before and I had mentioned that I was going to share some pictures with you of my progress and here they are.  Now sadly these aren't from today, because if you read my earlier post you will know My flat twist attempt was a fail, BUT these days were a complete success!!  As you know on day one I did a twist out and rolled my twist with the flexi rods towards the front then did the bandeau curls towards the back.  Well day two and three I did the twist out and rolled my twists with the flexi rods all over my head, needless to say I LOVED how my hair came out.  On the night three I decided to try something different by doint a twist out on my whole head and then I took two twist next to each other and I would twist those two twist together.  I then went ahead and rolled that twist until it started to roll with itself and then I would tuck my end of the twist underneath the twist so would have a bandeau twist type of thing going on.  After doing that all over my head I got SUPER tight and very well defined curls on my fourth day.  You can't see my whole head but you can see my bands and I loved my hair that day as well.  

Well now that I'm done with that I have some cleaning to do.  Be Blessed!  Happy Friday!!

My Flat Twist Trial 1- FAIL.

AWWW NO!!   I'm am super duper disappointed because I was really looking forward to my flat twist coming out way cuter than what they did.  I can't really complain because I tried them on a day I'm staying home so it's not like I have to look extra special so that's good.  But still I was hoping that I would have better results so I could do a flat twist out for tomorrow but that's just NOT happening because I have a  women's meeting at church tomorrow morning, a baby shower that I have to stop by at and a belated birthday dinner for my little princess. So I'm just going to stick with what I know and I'll be good.

What are the possible reasons as to why my hair came out like a straight afro?  I'm guessing that it's either my ends that have to be clipped, I unraveled the twist incorrectly, OR I twisted them incorrectly to begin with.  But I know that I didn't incorrectly twist my hair so I'm going to stick with reasons one and two. 

So since tonight is wash night I'm going to go ahead and wash with the conditioner of my choice, detangle and let my hair air dry for a short while then I add my oils and butters while twisting and rolling my hair that way I'm all ready for tomorrow.

So it's been a pretty nice first week going all natural and I'm excited to try different styles with my hair, because I love to try to do my hair differently every day.  I usually don't right now but that's because I'm still trying to figure what works with me and what doesn't:-)  Well I wanted to try to update you on what I'm doing on my hair journey so you know that I'm going to be back with more random stuff to talk about and hopefully I'll be able to share a hair tutorial of my own someday soon:-)  Haha we'll see......

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crocheting Away With A Spiral Craze.

  Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu
So here's another spiral afghan that I'm crocheting up at the moment.  I cant' say who it' for because it's going to be a lovely surprise for the recipient but what I can tell you is that this pattern is super simple and easy to follow...for the most part.  I'm pretty sure that the rest of the crocheting world haven't had too much trouble with the beginning of this pattern but I just can't get the first part right for the life of me so I performed  a little remix to help get this afghan along.  I'll be posting more to share my progress with you.  What are you crocheting up these days?

My Own Pesonal Struggle.

Okay so after watching a youtube video I decided that I would open up as well about my own personal struggles growing up.  And I'm not sharing this to get sympathy or anything like that but to just share with you what I went through as a young woman and how I came over it.

.While growing up I was often referred to by some friends and family as the "white girl" of the group and although I'm clearly not white that's what stuck and I just couldn't understand why that name had to belong to me.  Was it my light skin tone or the way that I dressed?  Maybe was it the way that I talked or the way that I  carried myself?  Who knows..all I know is that I was the "white girl" and for a really long time I did not like it.  It actually made me feel very uncomfortable and confused with where I socially belonged.  

Today the whole "white girl" nick name doesn't bother me but I've decided to make that name apart of me and who I am as a person because I Know that if I didn't I would continue to hate the nick name I would grow to resent the people who called me that name.  I had to come to the realization that no matter what other people may have called me in the past or whatever they thought of me, no one could lable me but myself and the Lord and that just because some people called me white girl didn't make it true. 

I guess the reason why I wanted to write this quick blog was because for the longest time I thought that I was alone in that issue but after listening to other people speak on the same issue I'm relieved to learn that I am not.  Well there's a lot more that I wanted to write to you but between having to run around with the kids and cleaning I just couldn't.  Please be blessed and share your thoughts with me.  Be Blessed.  Be Inspired.  Spread Love.

Monday, March 4, 2013

One Baby Afghan Is Done!

Spiral Baby Blanket by Amber of Cthulhu

Well I would have been done with this sooner but my husband accidentally let the dog inside and she ended up having an accident on my unused red yarn so I had to wait a week for him to get me more.  But besides all of that I'm happy that it came out as good as it did and I know what I will be changing my next time around with this pattern!! 

Today Is My LoveBug's Birthday!!

My youngest baby girl's birthday is today so Happy Birthday BabyLove!! I just can't believe that three years have come and gone by so quickly, so people please be sure to treasure your kids because time really does fly by whether you're having fun or not.

Well today is the third day that I'm rocking my curly twist out and today is a much better day for my hair because it's gotten used to what I've been doing to it.  So what did I use on my wash day and what have I been using now?

Okay so for my first lather, and this is after I deep conditioned with coconut oil, was with Carol'sDaughter Hair Milk Curl perfecting Shampoo and my second lather was with Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner.  After rinsing with look warm water I pat dried my hair.  I didn't ring it out and didn't wrap my hair in a towl, but gently just pat dried my hair.  I then sprayed my hair with Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray.  After that I poured a generous amount of Lisa's Hair Elixir which aids in preventing breakage, and that is a Carols Daughter product as well.  I then used the Anti Frizz Olive Oil glossing polisher to twist and roll.  

Now I don't use all of these everyday but on wash day only which is once a week for me.  But when it comes to keeping my hair done through out the week I use a mixture of Taliah Waajid curly curl cream, jamacian caster oil and extra virgin olive oil.  I haven't found a butter that I am set with but I definetly love using the caster oil and the olive oil on a daily basis because it leaves my hair feeling nice and it looks great and it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy and sticky.  Now you don't have to go out and get all of this if you want to start your own journey on taking care of your natural hair because you don't.  I used the majority of these products because they were already in the house and ready to be used lol.  But my far favorite thing to use thus far has to be th sweet almond conditioner and the olive oil.  I'll be sure to show you a picture of my day three hair so you can see what my hair is doing today.

As far as my crocheting goes, super random I know, I'm finishing up a shower gift so I'll be sure to show you a picture today of that as well:-)  Well the kids are up and it's now time to get my daily chores done so please be blessed & be inspired!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pictures Like I promised!!

My Twist Roll Out.

Well here are some pictures of hair's before and after shots.  I know you can't see the back but My curls were SUPER TIGHT from the bandeau twist curl out thingy so I ended up putting the back part into a small pony tail.  Mom and I got more rollers so I was able to put the rollers on ALL of my hair last night so maybe I'll take pictures of the second day with this hair style.  Oh!  I made up my own creation of oils and curl activator for my hair last night so hopefully my hair will come out more moist and shiny today.  I haven't forgotten about my knitting and crocheting by the way!
Happy Sunday.  Be Blessed.  Be Inspired.

Oh! I know that I promised that I would list all the products that I used on my hair but I've run out of time.  But I do know for a fact that two of the products I used are Wen by Chaz Dean and let me tell you that his hair products rocks.  I'll list everything else I used on my hair once I get back.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Two. It Feels Good To Have My Twistys Finally Touch The Top Of My Shoulders.

I just finished twisting up my hair because today has just been a really hot day and especially for the beginning of March!  To end the day nicely I decided to have a nice cool cup of chai tea.  Thank you Lord for another blessed day.

My Hair Is In Rollers!

So I went ahead and did what I promised, which was to take out my braids, wash, condition and style my hair.  So my ORIGINAL plan was to dye my hair last nigh as well but that didn't happen because I wasn't able to get the dye *womp womp womp* BUT I plan on doing so next weekend so that will be fun I hope!

So what did I do to actually style my hair last night?  Well I decided to go with a twist roll out.  A lot of youtubers will tell you to section your hair out first to detangle then go back to twist and roll your hair but that was just WAY too much work for me to even think about doing and especially being that it was already late and I was super sleep so I detangled my hair as I went and as it turns out after conditioning my hair with coconut oil, having one good co wash with an awesome an shampoo that had in my shower and another great conditioner my hair was anything BUT tangled.  So the difficult time that I usually would have had detangling my hair didn't happen last night:-)

So I parted my hair in the front the way that I wanted my hair to and then started twisting pieces of my hair then I took a flexible roller and rolled my hair.  I sadly didn't get enough rollers last night before so I had to do bandeau twist out towards that back of my head but I'll get more rollers today that way I'll have all of my hair rolled and ready to go for church tomorrow. And then of course I tied my hair up with a silky doo rag of some sort.

I can't say whether I'm happy or sad about how my hair came out because it's still in rollers but what I can say is that I really did enjoy co washing with conditioner and I will do for the majority of my washes.  Oh!!  When it comes to what I put in my hair after my wash.  I used a spray that is the same make as the last conditioner that I used...I can't remember the product names now but when I post a before and after picture of my hair onto my next post I'll post everything that I used.  So after that spray I put in an oil that helps stop breakage all over my hair, then while combing the peices of hair that I was about to twist and curl I applied a dime size amount of IC oil..can't remember the full name of it but again I will post everything I used for last nights wash. 

So far after all is said and done my hair is just very very soft and I'm excited to keep up with my natural hair for the years to come.  There are several other products that I want to try on my curls so you will be reading more from me about that.  Okay I think I wrote enough about my hair for now so I'll be back later to show you results!

Friday, March 1, 2013 Clothing Rocks.

1Hey blog I just wanted to share a picture of some dresses that just came in the mail.  I ordered these two dresses at  and their clothing is AMAZING. I seriously love what they have to offer and best believe that I will be ordering from them again.