Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yummy Surgar Cookies Without The Eggs

So I ran out of eggs and needed to find a resolution fast because I wanted to make dessert for the family and came across this awesome recipe.  Thank you Lord for this recipe!! FAVORITE SUGAR COOKIES (NO EGGS)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Well ...

I'm super thankful to say that steaming without the steamer was a huge success and had I known that I could do this before I would have been using my iron the entire time.  I just finished a piece of my cousins order and I'm getting ready to continue to steam up everything so it all can be sent to her.  Well I have a lot of work to do still so be blessed and I will get back at you soon.  How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

Blocking Wtihout A Steamer.

Well I sure am.  I'm having to block an afghan that I made without using a steamer because my steamer has finally steamed its' last steam. (tear tear) So I had to go online to figure out how exactly I was going to get this blocking done because the blanket needs it.

So I went online and found out that with great care I can successfully get the blocking done with an iron as long as I don't let the iron touch the yarn.  so here we go.  Wish me success because I'm super nervous.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Toddler/Child Halters Are Complete!!

 These are a product of me trying to figure out how to crochet the infant bikini top.
I didn't think that I could pull anything like this off by myself but I did!!  I was able to crochet these up within four hours.  Used size g4.5 hook for the cups and size h hook for the bottom part of the halter.
 Here's is the first halter that I did
Here's the second.  I changed the bottom part of the halter just a little bit.  Can't decide which one I like more.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well before we start our crazy day of house hopping in between our families, I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving today.  I hope that this day bring you all peace and happiness.

Be Thankful. Be Blessed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Brown Sugar Cookies Recipe | Leite's Culinaria


Brown Sugar Cookies

 This picture is from


If you're wanting to have something sweet and simple then please try these cookies.  Absolutely delish!! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie Casserole Success!!

Well I wanted to try to make something a little different instead this year and so instead of making a traditional pie I went ahead and made it casserole style instead.  I still wanted to have some type of crust so I found the perfect recipe for my topping here.

Delish!!  Can't wait to try it again for my birthday!!!

Love.  Peace.  Blessings.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Thankful Thankful.

Well today is the first day of this week that I am starting up my thanksgiving preparations but thankfully the only thing that I have to get done are three different desserts.  My husbands Lime Cheesecake, Peanut butter Craze Pie, and Bite Size Sweet Potato Treats.  My momma-in-law and aunt are doing all the cooking this year so I'm going to enjoy it because I know that once we are in our home next year I will be doing a lot of the cooking for our home next Thanksgiving so I'm excited!!

I'm also a little teary eyed because this is the first big official holiday without my Grandma Dessie and I tried my best not to pay much attention to it but the closer Thanksgiving gets here the more I think about how different this day will be without her.  She will definitely live on in our hearts and our cooking because a lot of what will be prepared on Thursday comes from her so knowing that is comforting.  It's also comforting to know that my grandma isn't hurting anymore because, seeing how she was the last time I saw her was heart wrenching and I knew that it wasn't comfortable at all for her in the last moments of her life.

After she went to heaven something changed inside me to take the extra effort to be thankful for everything and everyone around me.  No matter how much they may annoy me or frustrate me, I'm thankful for them, and all the good times and bad times as well.  Everyday should be Thanksgiving but I'm excited to have one extra day out the year to make being thankful a holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be blessed and don't take those who you love for granted.  This life is too short and precious for that.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday Party Fun!

Well we just got home from an eventful birthday party and I'm so happy to see that we all had a wonderful time together.  My husband's cousin always comes up with the cutest ideas for birthday parties and I can say that I look up to her in that aspect.  Well I just wanted to write to say that I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I'm still working hard on all of my projects so I will share  my progress with everything as soon as I can. 
Be Blessed!  Be Inspired!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Afghan Update.

Here's a picture of my progress so far.  It's going to take a while but it'll be worth it in the end.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Baby blanket is on the rise!!

So I haven't forgotten about writing out my personal mermaid pattern for you but I HAD to get started on another blanket.  Well the blanket that I was starting for a good friend of mine was frogged and I decided to go ahead and create a crocodile stitch baby afghan instead.  It's going to be very time consuming but I know that it will all be worth it in he end.  I'm using lion brand pound of love yarn and size k hook.  It's a little larger hook than I would like but the scales are actually coming out rather nicely.  I plan to create a border around the afghan so i can entwine a baby blue ribbon around it so I'm excited to get this finished at least by January.  Yes even though I'm a quick crocheter this project WILL in fact take a while.

So how have you been?  I've been hear patiently waiting on our break through while trying to figure out what songs I want to start learning for church.  And I'll be that much more in peace once I'm able to get the keyboard up in our living room.  Turns out that we are going to get rid of a piece of furniture which will give us more than enough room for the keyboard.

I played the piano for YEARS then strayed away from it in high school and college and have grown to miss it very much over the past couple of years.  Doesn't help that my kids are going to be true musical  artist in their own right so it's about time that this beautiful keyboard make it's way into our living room.

 On a totally different subject!  Oh my dear goodness I just found out that baby girl's class will be having a Thanksgiving Feast this year which makes me so excited for her because earlier this year the principle informed all  parents that class parties would be no more.  So I don't know what they are titling this little gathering but I don't care!  I'm just happy that my girl is going to have a fun time being thankful with her friends!  Ahh the joys of childhood memories!

Well I just had to come write to you before I start getting us all ready for church so I will be back to show you updates of my progress.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mild rant with A baby boy set on the way!!

Why is it that the people that live over in this area SUCK at driving their personal vehicle??  And I mean it's not just the reckless teens and/or the super old, I mean MATURED adults but everyone in between??/  Goodness gracious it's a miracle that we are able to come and go safely with no mishaps.  Lord be with us.

Anways-So I just found out that my good friend from high school is expecting a little boy early next year so I've started her shower gift already because I'm just so excited for her and her family.  So so far I have one white blanket crocheted and done and I'm now working on baby blanket #2

Where did I find this pattern?  I found this pattern in one of the books I have in my book collection called "Keep Sake Baby Afghans" and although the book is rather small, the majority of the patterns inside are my favorite patterns to work with.  I found this book at Joannes but you can also find this book on  I'm currently working up the first row right now so I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress.

My Updates!  Well as it turns out, the toddler and small child halter top that I designed has turned out to be a small sensation around these parts and there have been several different people, whom I do not know, that want to know where the halters can be ordered for their little ones.  Thank you Lord!!  Lol  I honestly didn't know what I was doing but I am super thankful that that project has turned out the way that it did.  I'm still working on sizing so hopefully that project will be complete sometime before the year is up.

Well I'm super busy with dinner, kids and crocheting so I will be back later to share pics of the afghan that's getting completed.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today was amazing.

Today I felt like I reached another level in my worship to God.  I it's hard for me to put it into word s exactly but what I can say is that it felt amazing, real and pure.  When I would hear my mother in law and pastor say that I had to praise and worship to get my breakthrough I really didn't understand exactly how that was supposed to work, but I do now.

One of the things that I had been concerned about and praying for was answered today and I was able to witness it first hand it was the most amazing feeling to see!  Ahh  I'm just so excited to see what the Lord has done and what he is going to do in the future!  If there's anyone who has any doubts about God being real then I am hear to write to you to let you know that there is no need to doubt because he's real and amazing and loving and kind and forgiving.  He's my best friend and my father all rolled into one and I don't see how I could have survived my years without him.  I literally couldn't.

Well I wasn't planning on writing in you today but I just had to come on here to express my excitement to you because that's what this blog is for.  Before I sign off I want to share an awesome verse that will always stick with me, through the good and the bad.  Jerimiah 29:11  For I know the plans that I have for you", declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Love's halter designed by yours truly

Just felt liek making something for baby love and so now I have to finish one just like it for her sissy.  Today was a great day.  Got the chance to enjoy an cooler day with the kids and was able to get plenty of crocheting done.  Now I'm finishing up dinner and waiting for the husband to get home(Yippy!)  Lol if you happen to watch nick junior every morning then you might know where that 'yippy' came from.

Okay so onto my crocheting game I know that I've been using the crocodile stitch  A LOT but I just can't help it.  I'm just super addicted to it and I can't wait to continue to try to find different fun projects to do with this stitch.  So far  I'm going to finish up this halter than finish Baby girls so the girls can match, then maybe crochet one more fin then after that I might just move on so I don't tire myself out.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Okay Mermaid cape is somewhat figured out.

So I Figured out the main part of the cape but I'm still trying to figure out how the fin is crocheted so I'm just going to share the actual tail with you for now.  Now I'm not sure if this is the exact pattern to how other people have crocheted this but this is how I figured it out.

*You will need the yarn of your choice.  I used Redheart for my first time around and I'm using Lionbrand homespun  this time around.  I recommend using a yarn that isn't homespun that way it'll be easier for you to see the stitches.
*Size J crochet hook
 Redheart Super Saver yarn
When working on your foundation row be sure to check that you have an odd number of 2dc groups that way you'll know that your work will come out properly.  I'll post a video so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

Crocodile Stitch - How To Crochet

Follow this video to help you with the stitch.  Just know that the person in the video using 6 stitches for their project and I use three.

*You are going to be working from the bottom up so please keep that in mind.  This is where your first crocodile stitch is made.*

*Beginning crocodile stitch= 4dc working down first post, ch1, turn, 5dc working upward around second post.
*Crocodile stitch= 5dc working down post, ch1, turn, 5 dc working upward.

R1) To get started i made a slip not put the crocheting needle through and made three chains, turned my work, and made two dc in second ch from hook.

R2) *Foundation row* Ch3 and work beginning crocodile, turn work and work crocodile stitch,  turn work, ch3,(One Scale Made)

R3) Turn Work one dc  on top of the dc post you made earlier, ch1, 2dc in crocodile stitch, ch1 2dc on top of dc post ch3 (Three dc pairs)

R4) Turn, work beginning crocodile stitch in first post, ch1 turn, work crocodile stitch in next post, turn, ch1, skip next 2dc, work crocodile stitch in next post, ch1, turn work crocodile stitch, ch3 (Two Scales Made)

Note:  Every time you want to increase the number of crocodile stitches Always work two dc on the top of the post of the first and last crocodile stitch.  I'll Instruct you on two more rows and then you should be able to get the gist from there.  On one project I increased my work until I got a total of seven scales and on the other I increased till I got 8.

R5) Turn, work dc on top of dc post, ch1 2dc in the middle of crocodile stitch, ch1 2 dc in the middle of two dc and over ch1 sp, ch1 2dc in the middle of crocodile stitch, ch1 2 dc in the middle of two dc and over ch1 sp, ch1 work 2dc in the middle of crocodile stitch, ch1, 2 dc on top of dc post. (five dc pairs)

R6) Turn, work beginning crocodile stitch, ch1, skip next 2dc, work crocodile stitch, ch1, skip next 2dc, work crocodile stitch in last 2dc, ch3 and turn. (Three Scales made)

Once you get to your desired number of scales from there on the number of scales will increase and decrease by one
Example: Desired number of scales is 8, the next row should be 7, then the next row will be 8, then the row after that will be 7 and so on and so forth.
For my homespun version Once you get to R13) Ch3, dc on top of post, *ch1 dc in the middle of crocodile stitch, ch1, 2 dc in the middle of two dc and over ch1* sp, repeat from* all the way across.

R14) Turn, ch3 work beginnging crocodile, *ch1, sk next two dc, work crocodile stitch in next set* repeat from * all the way across. sl st in last crocodile stitch made (Seven scales)

R15)Turn, ch3 dc in same space, *ch1, 2 dc in the middle of two dc and over ch1 sp, ch1, 2dc in between crocodile stitch* repeat from* all the way across (13 dc Pairs)

R16) Turn, ch1, skip the first pair and crocodile stitch in the second dc pair, *ch1, sk next pair, crocodile stitch in next pair* repeat from* to end.

repeat these two rows until desired length. 

To finish the top I work between 3-5 rows of hdc but you can do whatever you feel like doing.

I'll be back to update this particular blog so I can explain this a little better but I wanted to at least get something out there for you.

Now no one else has tested out what I've written except for myself so if there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know so I can fix them and if there is any confusion write me and I will get back to you to help you with anything that you are having trouble.  Will be back to post the mermaid top and headband and/or crown and the updated version of the fin.. 

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mermaid Cape with Fin #A

So I tried my best to figure out the fin and I had a hard time at first as you can see here but I think I figured out how to get the fin just right.  Still haven't had the chance to write everything out because there's a lot of detail that can't be left out in the instructions.

Will Be back to share a quick pattern in a bit though!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Photo: I want you to make this for me someday...OKAY  So my sister in law asked me to make this for her sometimein the future and the first thing that I remember coming to mind is "of course I'll do this for her!"  But as time carried on and I realized what kind of stitch this project called for I started thinking to myself "what on earth did I get myself into and how am I going to make this work??"  Then I thought that I could just go online and find a free version of this and all would be saved but  OH BOY WAS I WRONG, because no one is offering this beautiful mermaid pattern for free.  Yes there are other mermaid patterns out there that are free but I did find one with the crocodile stitch. this picture on the right is from
So as you know, if you read my previous post, i went ahead and started making a simple version and it came out CUTE but after showing my sister-in-law what I had come up with she STILL was set on this pattern lol. SO  After 12 long hours of figuring out how to work this stitch CORRECTLY  I finally figured it out!!

Well the cape version anyways which might be easier on the baby and the person who is dressing them, because you don't have to worry about tucking their feet into the fin, but just drap it over their legs whether they're resting on their back or belly.

So do I have a written pattern for you now?  NO but I do have a video that helped me  A LOT all throughout the day to help me figure out the number of stitches I needed and how to work this stitch properly.

The guy on the video will say that it's easier to use six stitches at a time but I used three stitches instead and that made things a lot more easier for me.  Once I finish this first tester fin, and share with you, i will then do my best to write out how exactly I managed to crochet this peace of art.  Please know that THESE PICTURES AREN'T MINE AT ALL BUT WERE FOUND ON ETSTY.COM SO PLEASE DON'T THINK THAT THESE ARE MINE. Just wanted to share them with you so you could see what I'm doing.  Here's the link to the video that answered everything that I needed to know.   

HINT:  When working on this project I automatically thought that I was to start from the top and work my way down to the bottom but when it comes to working this particular project work from the bottom up!  Best Wishes for everyone who's trying to figure this out.

Crocodile Stitch - How To Crochet

Mermaid Photo Prop
Picture I found on

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.  Be Fearless.

All done with this one:->

Mermaid Madness

I'm currently working on a infant mermaid cape set so once I'm further in that project I'll be sure to share my progress with you.  After doing the current mermaid project I'm more than sure that I will be sharing this pattern with you for free.  It's super simple works up pretty fast and it's easy to explain.  Well gotta get back to work.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.

Under The Sea Goodness

My First Orginal Mermaid Photo Prop

I'm getting ready to head out so I can get the rest of the items I need to finish up the fin but it's all done.  I have half of the pattern written out so I plan to go ahead and finish writing it up when I test the pattern out myself once again.  Still not sure if I will have this pattern available for free yet.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Designing Another Creation:->

Well after I designed my first baby blanket I wanted to start designing something else but I just didn't know what I  really wanted to do.  So lets fast forward to a couple of months later and while I was going through my emails on facebook I came across a message my sister-in-law sent me, and in this message was a cute picture of an infant rocking an awesome mermaide fin with a cute bikini top.  All I could think at the time was "SUPER CUTE BABY PRINCESS ARIEL STATUS!',and I had the pattern so I could make it. 

Here's the thing though.  When I took the time to find the pattern I found a great deal of them but NONE of them that I really liked were FREE, so after another month or so of letting that project rest I decided that today was the day for me to get down to business to design my own simple version of the mermaid fin and top.  I'm not sure at the moment if I want to share this one for free or not but I'll figure out that decision when the right time comes.  As of now I know how I want to do the top so the only thing that I'm focusing on is the mermaid tail.  Will share pics of my progress when I can. 

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.  Be Brave.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's going on these days.

A lot has happened within the last couple of weeks but I thankfully can say that the events that have been going on have been semi decent.  Baby girl is doing pretty well in school and I'm really proud of her because she's trying so hard to do well in school so KUDOS TO YOU BABY!

One of my recently finished projects is a beautiful brown, blue and sage baby blanket that I finished crocheting a few days ago.  I followed  the pattern from the book my husband bought me titled "Best Of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans" and the name of the pattern is called " Heirloom Lace".

What did I think of this pattern?  Just like the other patterns that I have tried lately, I fell in love with it and I actually like the instructions of this pattern a lot better that the instructions of the yellow heirloom baby blanket that I finished a month back because the instructions for this blanket were a lot more clear when it came to the border.  Nothing beats a very well written pattern so kudos to Terry Kimbrough, so if I had to rate this pattern from 1-10 I would give this pattern a 8.5.

So what do I have going on these days when it comes to crocheting and what ever happened to my knitting needles?  Well when it comes to the knitting I have to give myself a small break but I will be back to my knitting as soon as I'm well rested from it.  I haven't given up on it quite yet and I don't think that I ever will, but I do need to take a step back and try different things that way I won't be burning myself out.  I recently finished some slippers for my kids and now I'm finishing up a large order for my cousin, and I'm working on a Christmas gift for someone really special to me.  I can't tell you what the gift is and who the gift is for but what I can tell you is that it's quite lovely and the person will be very surprised to receive it!  Well I have to get going but I will be back again to write to you more about whatever else is going on in my busy world.

OH!! And before I forget I know that I wrote to you about the new skin care products that I started using and I just wanted to update you on how my face is looking.  Well after several weeks of using the neutrogina products that I purchased at Target my skin is 85% better than what it was before.  I still have a few breakouts that I still clearing up but my face is looking SO MUCH BETTER.  I know that this product doesn't work for everyone and I am not trying to say so myself  but I do know that if I can't get my hands on Mary Kay skin care I know that neutrogina works for me.  Sorry for not having before and after pictures of my face, but I never really thought of doing so until now.  Fancy that.

Be Blessed. Be Inspired.  Be Confident..