Friday, June 29, 2012

I love Knitting.

I absolutely just love knitting because there is nothing else like it.  It just brings me great gratification to know that I have the ability to make something both original and beautiful.

Pattern of the day time!!  Well after browsing some sites for patterns for this season I came across and fell in love with TONS of the patterns that they have there.  Now you have to sign on to their their website in order to get the free patterns that they have but I must say that its worth signing up for because there are just TONS of free patterns and FREE patterns is what I'm all about.  I'll be sure to post patterns of the day from other sites that don't require you to sign on to their mailing list as well but I couldn't pass these patterns up either.  And as a matter of fact I'll post two patterns because yesterdays pattern of the day was fluke because I couldn't get into the pattern myself once I double checked so I apologize for that.

Here is todays!  Wedding Shawl  this website will take you to where you can get access to this pattern and its just LOVELY.  The designer calls this a "wedding shawl" but I personally feel that one can use something like this for almost any occasion.   I'm not that advance yet in my knitting but let me tell you that I'm slowly but surely working on it, so if you're able to get this one done please post pics and tell me how you liked, or disliked this pattern!
Bonus of the day is the Aeolian Shawl.    I'm glad that I found this link because this pattern is just as lovely and you don't have to sign onto a website to get it!!
 Well I have a lot of knitting and house work to do so I must be going.  Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a beautiful Morning !

Goodness what a beautiful morning that it's turned out to be!  I have to say that God has been good, he's good now and he will ALWAYS  be good.  We just got the praise report that we have been praying for and I'm just overjoyed because when the doctors didn't know what else to do we stood firm in our faith and God moved in our favor.  Thank you Lord.

With that said (lol) I just wanted to update you on what's going on for todays blog.  I plan to share my pattern of the day with you and I want to share what the next project is for this week.

First:  The pattern of the day!!  This beautiful huntress shawl is abosolutely stunning and even though my knitting skills isn't that advance now I do plan on getting there soo.  AND this shawl is perfect for this season that we're in so PLEASE try this pattern out and post it so I can see your fabulous work.

Now onto the project for this week.  If you have read my last blog you will know that I just did a cable baby beanie for the very first time and I'm now working on a cable baby blanket to go along with it, so I'll try to get pictures up here as soon as I can so you can see the progress that I'm making .

Be Blessed & Be Inspired.

P.s  If there is any patterns that you think that would be fun to try please feel free to post them on my blogs because I'm ALWAYS looking for a new fun pattern to put into my favorites box and try.  Thanks a bunch!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crazy for Cables!!

Cabled Baby Beanie

Well Today is another day to share some pretty fun projects that I've been up to and I'm so excited because this is another project that I put together myself.  That's right!!  I didn't use a pattern except from the book " 99 Knitting Stitches" and that was to get the cable pattern and seed sttich that I wanted to use.

I've been pretty scared of trying to cable because it just seemed to complex and confusing to try so I stayed away from patterns that had anyting to do with it.  But today was the day that I decided to brave it out and try and it came out pretty awesome so I wanted to share what I put together with you.

Now I'm very sure that this pattern isn't perfect because I'm still extremely new to the pattern making process but I do promise that you will get a decent looking piece of work once you're done.

What did I try today that had a cable stitch included?  I went ahead and made an infant beanie mainly because I'm all about making hats and booties at this time to fill up my blessed box so here it is!!

What you need: Size 10 knitting Needle, yarn of your choice ( I went ahead and used Redheart ), measuring tape, ( you don't NEED it but its handy to have ), cable needle, and a yarn needle.

The multiple of  the Cable - Six Stitch Cable is 11 sts +1
 Cable 6 back (C6b) =Slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold in back of work, k3 from left needle, k3 from cable.

Cast on 34 sts( or however many you wish to co)
Seed stitch through rows 1-8

Main Body of Hat
Row 1 and ALL wrong side rows: P1, (k2, p6, k2, p1)across

Row2: (Right Side) K1,(p2, k6, p2, k1) across

Row4: K1, (p2, k6, p2, k1) across

Row6: K1 (P2,C6b, p2, k1) across

Row8: K1, (p2, k6,p2, k1) across

Continue rows 1 - 8 for pattern.  Continue until desired length( I went up to 5 1/2 inches.)
Start to decrease your work and then sew in your seams and ALL DONE!

Once can get batteries for my camera I will be sure to put a picture up of the hat that I did today.  Please let me remind you that I found the cable pattern in the knitting book I have called 99 Stitches so please be sure to get it and check out all the fun patterns that they have!

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Working With A Straight Pair Of Knitting Needles To Make A Hat.

 Hats Hats HATS!
Before I tried doing this method myself I thought making a hat with knitting needles would be pretty difficult but it turned out to be very easy. Even though a lot of hat patterns call for a circular needle, due to the fact that I don't have one, I still see a straight needle as my preference.

For those who are just now trying to make hats on a straight needle here is how it pretty much goes.

 To get started you should cast on as many stitches as you're  going to need for your hat. Then depending on whether you decide to use stockinette stitch all the way through or whether you decide to do a brim at the beginning then work in your stockinette stitch, you're going to continue working on your rows.

 Once you have a good portion of the piece done and you happen to be in the the middle of the row that you're working on,  you can  put your knitting needles together to get an idea as to how the hat is going to look.

When you reach your desired length after measuring your fabric with measuring tape you will then start to decrease your work on the knit side little by little.

Then you will start the process of decreases your work on the knit side then purl across on the other side.

As you can start to see the hat is finally starting to take its' shape.

I tend to decrease until you have around 3 stitches or so then I'll start removing my work from the knitting needle.  But that's just me.

Side A

Side B.  This  is the side that you will sew your seam together:->  Sorry for the blurry picture.

Turn your work inside out and start sewing your seam together!!

Your seam will look something like this.

Turn your work ride side out and All Done!
Now I know that this picture doesn't show my best work but this is the basic technique you can try to make a simple beanie for a baby, small child or adult.

Hope that this was some kind of help to some of you.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!!

What's Going On This Week?

Well this week is going to be a pretty busy week for the knitting needles because I want to finish up a couple of baby hats, that will be different sizes, and I want to work on two different blankets in the midst of all that.  One blanket being my sons' sailboat blanket, and yes I have NOT forgotten about that, and a preemie sized blanket.

The pattern of the day moment has come and I want to share something with you that I have once again found on .  Since hats have been on my mind for the past week I decided to go ahead and make a hat pattern the day is the Garden Patch Hats which are found here

I've yet to try this pattern of as well but after reading it through the directions look pretty on point.  Once I finish with the projects that I have I think I might do a couple for the blessed box, so if you decide to try this please make sure to post pictures and let me know how it comes out.  And please be sure to let the person who created this pattern or published it on know as well.  Well as you know I have plenty to do so Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Set #1 Is Complete!!

Preemie Set #1
Good evening  people!  I just wanted to share a picture of the first preemie set that I have completed.   Being that one set is done I will hopefully be making six or seven more sets so Lord please be with me!  If only I knew how to crochet or knit a pair of baby booties....Lol Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Hats in the making!!

Well hello there and how are you doing?  I'm doing pretty well.  I"m supposed to be prepping for church tomorrow but I really want this one baby hat done before then so here I am.  Stockinette stitch is a pretty handy stitch to know and that's the stitch, with a tiny twist, that I'm using at the moment to finish up this hat. 

Being that I've never tried this before I decided to go ahead and hold two different color strands of yarn together to make this hat so the outcome is looking pretty neat. Whomever wears this will look absolutely ADORABLE!!

UPDATE!!  Here is the link to the site wher I found this pattern.  You must try this one because it's relaxing to do and its super easy.

Well it's super late so please Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today was something.

AFter a very trying day it's good to finally be home and here to write about something completely different from today.  Being that I'm working on finishing up the first blanket that I created , there's going to be a baby hat in the making as well that will be an orginal:->  I already know what I'm going to do and I can't wait to share it with you!

Pictures of the blanket will be posted soon so please be patient with me!


Here is the picture of my pattern in progress:->  So Excited!!

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Pattern!! Cozy Baby Blankie!

Cozy Baby Panels Blankie

While trying to figure out what pattern I wanted to use for a preemie blanket,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I came across a pattern in one of the knitting books that I have and decided to make a blanket from one of the patterns. 

This pattern is made to be a preemie sized blanket but you can adjust the size accordingly.

Being that it didn't show up on my ravelry page like I thought it would I must say that the paneld pattern that I'm using for this pattern was found in Leisure Arts 99 stitches, so be sure to check this book out!

I wanted to make a pattern that would be both very easy to follow and easy going on the eyes so I hope that you enjoy working with the pattern itself and the outcome of the pattern.

Materials needed are
-size 10 knitting needles or size to obtain gauge
-I used one skein of redheart yarn but if there is anothe yarn that you would like to try then go for it!  I'd love to see how it comes out in comparison to the yarn that I used.
-size g crochet hook(Optional)

Moss stitch panel is multiple of 8+1

Starting stitches:
Co 85
Knit for the next 7 rows.

Main Body:
Row1: k14, p1, (k3,p1) across to last 14 sts, k14

Row2 (Right Side): K14, k1, (p3, k1) across to last 14sts, k14.

Row3: k14, p1 (k2, p1, k1, p1, k2, p1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row4:k14, k1, (p2, k1, p1, k1, p2, k1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row5: k14, p1, (k1, p1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row6: k14, k1, (p1, k1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row7: k14, p1 (k2, p1, k1, P1, k2, p1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row8: K14, k1, (p2, k1, p1, k1, p2, k1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row9: K14, p1, (k3, p1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Row10: k14, k1, (p3,k1) across to last 14 sts, k14.

Repeat rows 1-10 7 more times.

Knit next 7 rows then bind off!

Optional Finish:  If want to add a little something extra to your work you can join a yarn, either the same color yarn or a different color of your choosing, and single crochet around the entire border.  You can then start adding your shells on the next row.  Here's how I did it
-Row1: knit around, join with first single crochet
-Row2: chain 3, 2dc , ch1, 2dc all  the in same ch3 e stitch as ch3, sk one stitch and shell in the next stitch (shell: 2dc, ch1, 2dc) continue this pattern around the blanket and slip stitch in beginning ch.

If I could have done a second row of shells I would have but I ran out of yarn so I'll be sure to try two rows of shells next time to see how it comes out.  Hope all goes well.

Adding a lacy border is optional.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Finally! Pattern of the day!!!

AFter having a ton of issues with my personal computer I can finally say that everything is okay and I will now be able to update you on everything in a much better fashion that what I was able to before.  I wanted to share with you a picture of my sons blanket that I'm doing but I wasn't able to before so here it is.  I'm decidedto knit several other things as well that way I wouldn't grow tired of finishing this one.  I'll be sure to post more pictures of this as I get closer to finishing it.

Pattern of the day!!! When first looking at this pattern all I could do is smile because it reminded me of my kids!  If you know any little ones that are fans of " Yo Gabba Gabba" then this pattern is definitely for you!  The pattern is a Grobbi beanie and it's absolutely adorable.  I haven't tried the pattern yet but it looks fun!

Well I must get back to work so Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

So Excited!!

    • Bev's Preemie Snuggle Cap by Beverly A. Qualheim

      I'm more than happy to announce that I'm on my way to completing my first written pattern!! I still have to finish the actual item but it's looking pretty awsome so far. I want to give a big thank you too all the designers out there that ispired me to go ahead and try to make someing for myself. Once I have the pattern complete you'll be able to find it on>

      Here's a picture of a hat that I knitted a couple of days ago and I KNITTED IT! That's right, instead of crocheting a hat, like I always did before, I decdied to be brave and knit it instead and it turned out great! I found this pattern also on and to find this all you have to do is go to my ravelry account and look at my projects and you'll be able to find the pattern from there. It isn't my pattern but a pattern that I found on ravelry. Ok well I have to finish the pattern so I can share it with you so Be Blessed & Be Inspired!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So much to updaute you on!!

There is so much to update you on but every time that I try to update my blog it never publishes or saves so it's been a pretty interesting couple of days trying to update this thing.  I almost want to give up on this site and try a different one but I'm not going to give up hope quite yet.

I'm doing well on my sons sailboat blanket and I knitted a preemie beanie for the very first time this evening.  I never thought that I would be knitting hats so soon but here I am doing just that!  Praise God.  I'll be sure to try to put pics up so you can see them.

Be blessed & Be Inspired!!

Testing .

I just wanted to test this to make sure that zi can post!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pattern of the day!

I wanted to share a pattern with you that I was once too scared to try but after I've gotten the knitting out of my system and I finish the baby quilt that I'm still working on I'm going to go ahead and try to make this next project.  It's called the Wool Eater Blanket pattern that I also found on ravelry and the finished product looks pretty amazing.  Hopefully someone who sees this post will try to make this blanket and post pics!!

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

New Blanket in the making! Sail Boat style!

Well Hello my there and how are you doing today?  Well besides the crazy dreams that I had last night I'm doing pretty well.  I actually wanted to write to you to update you on what I've decided to do for my next projects. 

The first project that I'm up to now i a sailboat blanket that I found on  It's a very simple  pattern that I'm using and it's turning out pretty awesome so far.  It's hard to make out the picture but it's sailboats which I'm excited to do because I wanted to do something like this for my son last year for my son but I didn't think I could do it.  But I'm doing it this year!  Hopefully it'll be done so I can give this to him for his first birthday!

The second project I'm doing is taking apart the blue panels that I made for my sons afghan because I've decided to use that yarn to knit another blanket for him instead.  I figured that making the panels was good practice for my knitting but being that the panel aren't the same length I wanted to start fresh with his blanket so once this sail boat blanket i finihed I'll be started another baby blanket for him.

Just in case you want to see more progress on the sailboats blanket I'm keeping all the updates and details on my ravelry account.  The first website Im posting is the website to the page where I found this pattern.

This website that I'm posting now is the website to my account so you can see all the updates that  I might not be able to post here.

Well I have cleaning and knitting to do so I'll be sure to update you on what's going.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pattern of the Day!

Well I'm busy busy with the two blankets that I'm crocheting at the moment so I can't talk to long but I did want to share the pattern of the day with you so here it is.  I wanted to look for something a little unique and cute and so I decided to post this for the day. 

Here it is The Sneezing Tissue Box Cover pattern!  I mean there's no better way to celebrate the allergies that this season brings us than to celebrate it with good humor an cuteness right?!!

I haven't tried this pattern yet but I've saved it on my ravelry site so I will get to it as soon as I can.

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick cute Pattern of the day!

So on my way to signing out of my blog account I found the cutest pattern on what of the blogs that I follow so if you're looking for a fun and different project then you have to check this one out!

Crocheting How much I've missed you!

Hello dear blog and how are you doing today?  Well this past week has been interesting to say the least but praise God that the Lord is coming through for everyone and everything so I cannot complain at all.
Well onto business!  The gift that I made for my cousin was a complete success and she liked the gown and blanket so that's great news within itself AND I've decided to put the knitting needles away for a little while so I can get back to crocheting for a bit since it's been a couple of months since I've done so and I don't want to get tired of knitting.

So I'm now working a baby blanket #1  and then will start baby blanket #2 and #3.  I can't post pictures now because I need to get more batteries for my camera but I will post the link to the page where I found the pattern.

And speaking of patterns, I have decided to go ahead and construction my very own pattern for a blanket that I want to make for my kids and husband so I will be writing a lot on the progress of that.  Here's the website to the pattern that I'm using right now which happens to be on but be sure to keep an eye on my ravelry account so you can see the progress of the blanket that I'm doing now.  I'll get the project on here  as well but I tend to update my ravelry account a little more quickly than my blog.  Well I have house work to do on top of the crocheting so I must depart.  Until later

Be Blessed & Be Inspired!!